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(He Even Plotted Against His Own Father)

Han Dongping was probably the only person who was in favor of her in this house, yet he had also become the person who hated her the most.

Xia Yixin wailed, but in the end, she still could not fight against the large, looming presence of the Hans and signed the divorce agreement.

Han Zhuoling calmly passed the divorce agreement to the lawyer and left the rest to him.

The lawyer’s forehead was full of sweat. He watched as the scene unfolded so ruthlessly, yet Han Zhuoling remained ever so calm, as if he was not involved in this.

The lawyer could not help but admire him.

Han Zhuoling indeed lived up to his name.

The rumors outside that he was as aloof as a robot were not a lie.

The lawyer put away the agreement and did not dare to show any slack. He promised Han Zhuoling, “Young Master Ling, don’t worry. I will definitely settle this with the court as fast as possible.”

The lawyer did not dare to stay there any longer. He had already heard too much about the matters regarding the Han Family when he was drafting the agreement here.

Although there was no clear start and end, it was enough for him to roughly understand the whole story.

There might not be any good in knowing the whole truth, and the lawyer knew this point full well.

After finishing his job, he left in a hurry.

Now the house was left only with the Hans.

Han Zhuofeng asked, “What do we do with these two people?”

Judging from Xia Yixin’s reaction, Han Linkai—no, he should not be called Han Linkai now. He should be called Chen Linkai.

Chen Linkai was obviously not Han Zhuoling’s biological son. There was no need to wait for the DNA results to be out now.

Han Zhuoling asked Han Zhuoli, “The results will only be out in two days?”

“No. Previously, Zhuofeng and I concealed our identities to have the test done. We did not want to make it too obvious, so the identification center only agreed to release the results in one week,” Han Zhuoli said.

As he had concealed his identity, he could only turn to his connections to pull strings with the identification center, which meant he also did not use his own identity with the center.

If he’d used his real identity as a Han, the results would have been out immediately.

To protect Han Zhuoling, Han Zhuoli was willing to take precautions.

Han Zhuoling understood Han Zhuoli’s concerns and chuckled. “You don’t need to worry so much. We can go to the identification center together tomorrow and take the report.”

“Big Brother!” Han Zhuofeng obviously knew what this meant.

His elder brother was not afraid of other people knowing that he was made a cuckold!

Han Zhuoling obviously did not care.

There would surely be people talking behind his back, but whatever they said behind his back, he would not know.

So it would not affect his mood.

In front of him, no one would dare to.

If that was the case, why should he be bothered?

Han Zhuoling was just like that. He never cared about what other people said behind his back.

His not having such concerns made his life much easier on many other matters.

“Anyway,” Han Zhuoling said mockingly, “everyone knows that I have no feelings for Xia Yixin. She was forced to me by other people.”

Han Zhuoling felt that this was not enough to agitate Han Dongping and glanced sideways at the latter before saying, “While they are chewing out my tongue, these people would probably laugh at some other person’s judgment as well.”

This virtue of not caring about what other people said behind his back was put into use here.

He, Han Zhuoling, never did something that was not meaningful. Many of his actions would someday be put to good use.

Just like now.

“You!” Han Dongping never thought that this unfilial son was even plotting against him!

“Let her bring the child home first,” Han Zhuoling said. “If she could even say that just now, it shows that the child clearly isn’t from our family.”

Xia Yixin glared at Han Zhuoling with hatred all over her face.

Lin Liye felt uncomfortable and terrible seeing this.

Xia Yixin had always kept a tight watch on Chen Linkai and made people feel uncomfortable even just getting a little closer, so it was hard to get close to Chen Linkai as well.

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