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“I’m not going to interfere in your decision, help you both make one, or choose a side. I can only let you know that I don’t mind having a younger sibling, that I won’t be discomfited, and that I actually rather look forward to meeting them. But I also agree with what Dad said; I’m worried that your body can’t stand the strain of child-bearing.” Lu Man sighed. “You can’t blame Dad on this, Mom. It’s because he cares about you, that’s why he chose to do what he did. How many men can you find who can do what Dad did, willing to undergo vasectomy so the wife doesn’t suffer?”

“I know, and that’s why I’m even angrier. Vasectomy can’t be undone, and he never even discussed it with me beforehand! My anger stems from his not telling me,” Xia Qingwei said.

“I understand,” Lu Man said softly.

Wang Juhuai apologized like an honest boy. “I’m in the wrong about this.”

“Don’t you dare do this again! No more vasectomy!” Xia Qingwei’s voice was shaking. “Your decision this time really scared me.”

The vasectomy was irreversible. If they regret it in the future, where could they find help?

“Alright.” Wang Juhuai nodded, abashed.

Xia Qingwei looked sternly towards Wang Juhuai. “Tell me now, Juhuai, in front of Man Man and Zhuoli. Do you want your own child?”

“If I have one, I’ll be glad. If it isn’t destined, I won’t be disappointed either, nor will I be adamant about having one. Man Man is my child,” Wang Juhuai said.

Xia Qingwei smiled; seemed like he still liked kids.

Lu Man, feeling Han Zhuoli’s eyes on her, turned around and nodded at him.

Han Zhuoli asked, “Mom, which hospital did you go to for the checkup?”

“It’s that triple A-grade Shi Li Hospital” Xia Qingwei said.[1]

“I’ll contact Chu Zhaoyang and make arrangements for a professional consultation at Chu Tian Hospital. There are many categories of the full-body checkup that Chu Tian Hospital can detect even better and that normal hospitals can’t. After the report is out, we’ll let the experts go over and discuss a solution to minimize the risks.

“At that time, the doctors will inform you of whatever risks might be faced or precautions needed, so you’ll have a clear idea of what to expect. It’s not too late to decide then if you both still want kids,” Han Zhuoli said.

Han Zhuoli’s suggestion made Xia Qingwei feel at ease.

Wang Juhuai felt that it was worth a try and agreed.

Xia Qingwei warned Wang Juhuai, “Don’t you dare take matters into your own hands anymore! I care about my own health as well, I want to spend a lot more time with you. If the doctor says that the risks of childbearing are greater and doesn’t recommend me to do it, I won’t. So don’t you sneak behind me and make decisions that’ll harm yourself.”

“Certainly, certainly.” Wang Juhuai clasped his hands together and pleaded, “It’s my bad this time, I won’t do it again. Give me another chance, please.”

His groveling washed away the last of Xia Qingwei’s anger.

Han Zhuoli immediately contacted Chu Zhaoyang.

The professionals had to arrange their schedule for a consultation; it’s not as if they could walk in anytime.

“Rest assured, it’s done,” Chu Zhaoyang said. “You can come anytime for the checkup.”

After Han Zhuoli passed the message, Wang Juhuai said, “Let’s go tomorrow.”

Since it was decided, it’s better to get the results earlier.

If they really wanted kids, it’s also better to have one early.

The longer they drag and the older Xia Qingwei got, the greater the danger.

Xia Qingwei felt totally awkward. “Sorry for making you two witness this joke, the two of us still discussing having kids at our age.”

[1] China’s hospital-ranking system. Triple-A is the best.



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