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( Difficult)

“Within a short two hours, one has to show many things in a coherent and complete form. It’s not like a drama, where there are dozens of episodes to slowly build up and give the audience a detailed story.

“That is the decisive factor. A television drama can allow an actor to adjust and recalibrate his performance in the process, but a film is different. The actor has to be precise in every shot and has to display many emotions at the same time. Hence, this is similarly difficult for Qiao Luna to do.”

The reporter sharply observed the problem in this. “Director Liang, you seemed to have left out Lu Man. Do you not think well of Lu Man?”

Liang Chengbing laughed somewhat haughtily. “I didn’t leave her out, I just feel that her participation in this Best Newcomer Award selection is a little unsuitable.”

“Why is it unsuitable?” the reporter asked curiously.

Liang Chengbing explained, “First, Lu Man may be a newcomer in the entertainment industry, but she has already acted in two films. The requirement of the film is that an actor that has acted in only one film can be considered a newcomer. I know, Lu Man’s situation is a little different. However, rules are rules. Since you drew the line there, you must adhere to it. Setting a dead rule here makes many other things more convenient and easy to handle.

“Since the organizers had already set such a rule, they should not violate it easily. How can they make it a special exception just for that one person? This is not good. Won’t they have to break the rules time and again next time?” Liang Chengbing shook his head. “Hence, I won’t comment on whether Lu Man acted well or not. I just feel that she is not suitable to participate in the selection for the Best Newcomer Award.”

Han Leilei frowned. “When is this Liang Chengbing going to be done? He just keeps making things difficult for Lu Man.”

“What does that mean?” Pan Xue was a straightforward person and did not understand the dirty trick Liang Chengbing was trying to pull with his words.

Zheng Yuan explained, “He said that the organizers of the film festival are making an exception for Lu Man. He claimed that Lu Man did not fulfill the criteria for Best Newcomer and it was the organizers who gave Lu Man the green light. This will surely make people think twice. Why did the organizers not make an exception for others but had to make an exception for Lu Man specifically?”

Zheng Yuan continued, “It will then make people think of how Lu Man’s father is Wang Juhuai and make them feel that Lu Man got nominated because of Wang Juhuai. That’s why the organizers decided to break the rules of the competition. In that case, should they still give Lu Man the Best Newcomer Award?

“In my opinion, among the people nominated for the Best Newcomer Award, Lu Man has the highest chance. She’s the newest actress among them, yet she has the most outstanding results. However, with Liang Chengbing’s words, if the organizers gave the award to Lu Man, there will surely be people who’d think that this was because of Wang Juhuai and that they made an exception for Lu Man. This award will then lose its fairness in the eyes of the public. However, if they don’t give it to Lu Man, this will be very unfair to Lu Man, because Lu Man really has the potential and skill to get the award.”

Pan Xue finally got it. “He’s too much.”

“There’s more,” Zheng Yuan said. “Continue watching.”

Lu Man continued playing the video and heard the reporter ask Liang Chengbing, “Then what are your thoughts on the Best Actor and Actress, as well as the Best Supporting Male and Female Lead awards?”

Liang Chengbing gave his thoughts on the Best Actor and Best Supporting Male Lead.

“What about the Best Actress and Best Supporting Female Lead? From what I know, Lu Man also got chosen. Do you think she will get nominated?” the reporter asked.



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