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(I Want to See If You Really Dare)

“I can,” Xiao Guo answered confidently.

At the back, Chen Zefeng scoffed. “Looks like the skills of the person in front is around this much. But it’s not bad too that he can persevere for so long under my chase. It’s pretty rare for a common man to do that.”

Chen Zefeng was full of confidence in himself and did not think much of Xiao Guo at all.

“I’m going to be serious now,” Chen Zefeng announced proudly when he saw that the car had already driven onto a road with fewer cars and stepped on the accelerator to race forward.

Seeing that, Xiao Guo suddenly switched into the adjacent lane, sandwiching their car between two cars.

Chen Zefeng sped up to follow beside their car and said to Xia Yixin, “Turn and see who the other party is. Can you recognize him?”

Just as Xia Yixin was about to turn to look, Xiao Guo suddenly slowed down to tail after Chen Zefeng’s car.

Chen Zefeng’s face turned ugly as he scoffed. He knew he had been tricked.

He was a professional police officer. How could he embarrass himself like this?

Chen Zefeng just reversed his car. Seeing how these two people were driving so stubbornly and fighting with each other, all the other cars around them did not dare to get close either.

Chen Zefeng seized the chance to drift and wanted to bump against Lu Man’s car.

How would Xiao Guo not expect such a trick?

Almost at the same time, he suddenly increased his speed and sped up in front of Chen Zefeng’s car, causing Chen Zefeng to miss and almost bump against the curb.

At the same time, Xiao Guo pulled a distance between him and Chen Zefeng’s car.

Chen Zefeng slammed the steering wheel hard before speeding off to catch up again.

His face was pale and stiff. He had been played by Xiao Guo twice; he had long forgotten that Xia Yixin was by his side and started driving recklessly.

Xia Yixin had her seatbelt fastened, and her hand was holding on to the car handle as she was being shaken left and right. How would she even dare to bother about what the person in front looked like?

No matter how much Xiao Guo was trying to drive safely for Lu Man, the car was still not stable.

Luckily, Lu Man was slumped against the backseat and clutched at the chair for her life with her seatbelt on.

At that moment, Xiao Guo received a signal from Xiao Chen.

Xiao Guo immediately perked up as he said, “Madam, Young Master Han is here!”

The moment he said that, Xiao Guo suddenly reversed the car at great speed.

“Madam, brace yourself. I am about to ram into the car at the back,” Xiao Guo said. “Xiao Chen will block them from behind!”

“Okay.” Lu Man took in a deep breath as she began to feel anxious. However, she still clutched at her seat in a composed manner.

Xiao Guo would naturally not let Lu Man get injured.

After he reversed at great speed, Chen Zefeng noticed and still thought that Xiao Guo was just faking it, so he was not scared at first.

“I want to see if you really dare!” Chen Zefeng muttered as he sped ahead.

However, seeing that the car in front had no sign of slowing down with the boot of the car not even tilting to one side at all, Chen Zefeng chickened out.

He reduced his speed immediately and started to reverse the car.

However, the two cars were already very close to each other now.

There was no time to wait for Chen Zefeng to stop the car, change gears, and back away.

“Madam, be careful, it’s coming!” Xiao Guo would definitely not take Lu Man’s safety as a joke.

If they rammed into them upfront, Lu Man would definitely get hurt.

At this critical moment, Xiao Guo suddenly drifted and let the corner of the car boot bump against Chen Zefeng’s car.

The car spun on the spot before changing direction to charge towards Chen Zefeng’s car with the car facing front this time around. He stepped on the accelerator again and charged forward directly.

Chen Zefeng was horrified and finally got scared. He immediately stepped on the accelerator as he reversed the car in panic.

It was too late for him to turn the car around now.

Just when he was reversing, he saw through the rearview mirror another car appear, and it was charging straight at his car.

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