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(As If I Forced You to Have a Child)

“Why are you so sure that I’ll get hurt giving birth?!” Xia Qingwei said quickly.

“Because I care about you. Even if it’s a one percent probability, it’s the same as a hundred percent probability.” Wang Juhuai looked at Xia Qingwei. “Really, having a biological child isn’t that important to me. Having Man Man is enough.”

Xia Qingwei was furious. “You’re speaking as if I’m forcing you to have a child!”

Lu Man finally made sense of things. “So, Dad, you went to get a vasectomy?”

Xia Qingwei answered before Wang Juhuai could. “We’d actually discussed before that we’d go to the hospital and do a full-body checkup. If there’s really no problem and the doctor says we’re still fertile, then we’ll try. Moreover, with our ages, it’s not even certain we’ll manage to conceive. So we’ll let nature take its course.”

Xia Qingwei told Lu Man, “Your dad even agreed. So we went to the hospital to do a checkup—not the regular ones, mind you, but a full-body checkup, the one that checks for every potential disease and every single part of your body. The report shows that my body is well and everything’s normal. Even the doctor said that as long as I take good care, there’s no problem even if I wanted kids. Your dad even agreed then.

“But he hid this so well from me these last few days! Even secretly sneaking to the hospital today and all ready to be sterilized! If not for the hospital requiring a signature from a family member and calling me, I wouldn’t even have known it!” Xia Qingwei glowered at him. “I’m so infuriated!”

“Dad, you…” Lu Man did not expect that and was speechless.

She was different from Xia Qingwei.

Xia Qingwei was thinking about Wang Juhuai and wanted him to have his own child.

But Lu Man could see from a different perspective.

She saw that Wang Juhuai was willing to give up having his own child and sterilize himself just for Xia Qingwei’s safety.

How many couples, after deciding to stop having children, would have the wife use intra-uterine devices or IUD permanently?

How many men did not want to wear a condom just for their own pleasure, and then let his wife take morning-after pills?

Be it IUD or taking pills, it was still somewhat harmful to the body.

But many men still chose their pleasure over their wives, letting their wives bear the burden.

But Wang Juhuai willingly went for a vasectomy himself!

Vasectomy was irreversible.

Once done, it could not be undone.

But Wang Juhuai went for it without a second thought, willing to never have his own child and not have Xia Qingwei risk her life for him.

Lu Man said, “Let me speak my thoughts first. If Dad and Mom can have a child, not only will I not mind, I’ll be super glad instead. If my brother or sister really arrives safely, with your age, you might not be able to witness him or her marry and give birth like I could. But don’t worry, I’ll take good care of him or her when the time comes.

“This is my stand, and I hope that Dad can have his own child too. Furthermore, Dad is a violin maestro and Mom’s also great at the violin. If both of you have a child, he or she will surely inherit both your good genes.” Lu Man laughed. “Who knows, you might even give birth to the next world-renowned musician. It’d be great to have someone to carry and pass on Dad’s mantle.”

“You see!” Xia Qingwei scowled at Wang Juhuai.

“Of course, Dad’s worries are not unfounded either. Mom, I can’t not care about your health as well. Anybody will have this worry as long as the person cares about you. No one can guarantee everything will be 100 percent safe until the end. There will be concerns in the process,” Lu Man said.



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