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(Complete Withdrawal)

Han Zhuoli smiled slightly and nodded as he side-eyed Liang Chengbing.

Liang Chengbing seemed to sense the sarcasm in Han Zhuoli’s look.

Could it be that Han Zhuoli was going after him?

It couldn’t be, right?

A mere director like him could not afford to offend Han Zhuoli. Hence, he had always been very polite towards Han Zhuoli. How could he have offended Han Zhuoli?

His most recent encounter with Han Zhuoli was at the road sealing incident.

However, he had been very polite towards Han Zhuoli from start to end and did not do anything that was out of hand.

No matter how he drew the connections, it led to nowhere.

Liang Chengbing could not wrap his head around it.

Furthermore, Ke Kebo had already gone out with Han Zhuoli and turned towards the room that Zheng Tianming had booked.

The moment he came in, he realized that there were already dishes prepared on the table.

Han Zhuoli was that confident that he would surely choose to come with him.

“Mr. Ke, please have a seat.” Han Zhuoli gestured towards the dining table.

Ke Kebo remained confused even as he sat down.

When Han Zhuoli sat down, Ke Kebo asked, “Young Master Han, I wonder what I…”

“It’s related to the judges of the film festival,” Han Zhuoli calmly said. “On this matter, consider it as my exceeding my duties and interfering with this. However, I heard from Zhiqing what Liang Chengbing had done. I strongly feel that he is really not suitable to continue being one of the judges for the film festival this time.”

Ke Kebo was shocked. Han Zhuoli would never have interfered with anything regarding the international film festival in the past.

No matter how many films or artistes from the Han Corporation were nominated, Han Zhuoli would not interfere with it. He would not even ask more than a word about it.

Why did he come personally to find him this time?

Han Zhuoli turned the ring on his left ring finger twice and said, “I have never interfered with anything in the past years. It was because the judges in the previous years were considerably fair. Since the judges are people, there would surely be some subjectivity involved. However, the judges from the previous years have all kept their biases within the scope of the rules and did not cross the line. As for those subjective reasons, I can understand. However, this time around, matters have gone a bit overboard.”

Han Zhuoli said coldly, “The organizers gave each of the judges one chance to veto a decision because they wanted to prevent some unethical behavior. It is not a chance for the judges to abuse their power. Liang Chengbing has already crossed the line.

“The Fei Yue International Film Festival is led by the Han Corporation, and we have shares in it as well. Once something goes wrong, this would definitely deal a huge blow to the reputation of the Han Corporation.” Han Zhuoli lowered his voice and said, “Mr. Ke, since the Fei Yue International Film Festival wants to build up its own reputation, it surely has to make everything fair and transparent. Don’t bury a time bomb for the sake of a rat. As for me, I won’t let a mere rat’s shit tarnish the reputation of my Han Corporation. The Fei Yue International Film Festival isn’t just your matter alone, it is a matter of the Han Corporation. The products that the Han Corporation invests in cannot taint the reputation of the company.

“I won’t play around with the reputation of the Han Corporation. If this film festival is a place for children to play in and if it will indulge Liang Chengbing who’s disrupting the order of the judging panel, then for the sake of my company’s image, I will cease to work with the film festival. The films that the Han Corporation produces, as well as the artistes under our company, will no longer participate in the film festival.

“If the organizers of the film festival do not deal with Liang Chengbing’s matter and manage to get away without being exposed by sheer luck, then the Han Corporation will completely withdraw from the film festival next year. If you’re not lucky and Liang Chengbing’s matter got exposed, then the Han Corporation will request for all our artistes and productions to pull out of this competition.” Han Zhuoli slowly said, “Of course, this is only if the organizers do not deal with Liang Chengbing’s matter.”


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