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(Respect the Eldest Sister-in-law as I Would Respect My Mother)

“Thank me for what?” Han Zhuoli smiled and said, “This is such a little thing.”

“Zhuoli and I were also discussing getting a child. Who knows, your grandchild might even be the same age as your own child!”

Han Zhuoli chuckled. “This was probably what happened with Yan Huaian and Yan Beicheng. Yan Beicheng even has to address Yan Huaian’s son Yan Ningbai as ‘Uncle.’ Yan Ningbai, that rascal, always wants us to treat him as ‘Uncle’ every time he sees us.”

Yan Huaian was older than Yan Beicheng by only a decade and a few years, yet Yan Ningbai, that little tyke who’s still in elementary school, was already their uncle.


The next day, Wang Juhuai brought Xia Qingwei to Chu Tian for the checkup.

The results were out in two days.

Xia Qingwei’s body was fine like a normal person’s.

Chu Zhaoyang also arranged for a team of experts to check Xia Qingwei together, to ascertain that she was suitable for conceiving and that her health won’t be impacted.

Wang Juhuai made a detailed list of all his concerns and asked them one by one.

Xia Qingwei realized that Wang Juhuai had thought of all that she had missed out.

After getting comprehensive answers from the team of professionals, Wang Juhuai finally heaved a sigh of relief and agreed to have a child with Xia Qingwei.

They were also required to follow the suggestions and precautions given by the experts and nurse their bodies to a prime condition starting from now.

On this day, Han Zhuoli was in his office and pondering about the doubt regarding Han Linkai, which Lu Man had raised.

Because outsiders were not suited to handle this matter, Han Zhuoli had to think of a way to investigate without raising suspicions.

It was actually really easy to find out the truth. He just had to let Han Linkai and Han Zhuoling do a DNA test.

But if he were to tell Han Zhuoling directly, it would be an insult if Han Zhuoli was unable to phrase and handle it properly.

This was what Han Zhuoli was frustrated about.

In the end, Han Zhuoli called Han Zhuofeng over to the Han Corporation.

“What’s up, Bro?” Han Zhuofeng came in and immediately slumped completely into the chair in front of Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuoli was not the only one to frequent this office.

Han Zhuofeng would come here to bother Han Zhuoli, especially when funds for producing movies ran low.

Because Han Zhuoling was in Europe long-term, it was inconvenient for Han Zhuofeng to approach him. Hence, he went to Han Zhuoli for funds the most.

He was still relaxed as he had no idea what had transpired.

But when he sat down and saw Han Zhuoli’s expression of utter seriousness, Han Zhuofeng felt his heart rise to his throat. “Bro, why are you so serious? Don’t scare me!”

Han Zhuofeng sat up straight, not daring to slouch anymore. “I… I haven’t caused any trouble recently! Nor did I make Sister-in-law angry! Respect the eldest sister-in-law as I would respect my mother, I know this!”

Han Zhuoli: “…”

This child is so idiotic; it is fortunate that directing is his hobby.

If business were his interest, the company would surely fall within days.

“It’s not you,” Han Zhuoli said calmly. “You’ve done nothing wrong. What do you have to feel guilty about?”

“Of course I’m not guilty! I did nothing wrong, what do I have to feel guilty about?” Han Zhuofeng straightened his neck and raised his voice.

It was all because of Han Zhuoli’s grave countenance that he subconsciously became frightened!

Han Zhuoli: “…”

“I need your help with something. But you have to swear that whatever I tell you, you’ll keep your mouth shut and speak to no one else outside of this room about it,” Han Zhuoli warned him beforehand.

Han Zhuofeng was still young, not exactly capable of doing things discretely or of keeping secrets.

Han Zhuoli was afraid that Han Zhuofeng would go and investigate rashly in his anger, or ask Xia Yixin about it outright and alert the parties involved.



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