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(If You Dare to Intervene, I Will Have a Fall Out with You)

No matter what, when she first learned that Xia Yixin was pregnant far away in Europe, Lin Liye was still very happy.

She even busied herself with preparing the things her grandson would need when he came back next time.

Even if Xia Yixin did not let other people get close to Chen Linkai, Lin Liye’s heart still ached for her grandson.

In the end, she poured her heart out for the wrong person.

When the helper carried the sound-asleep Chen Linkai down, Lin Liye still could not help but cry.

He was such a small child, a child whom she had always treated sincerely with all her heart!

Lin Liye’s heart felt very conflicted. She did not know how to face this child anymore.

Han Zhuoling remained calm and said to Xiao Chen and Xiao Guo, “Send them and this child back to the Xia Family.”

“No! I won’t go back! Don’t send me back for now! I’ll go back by myself, I can go wherever I want to! You can’t decide where I should go!” Xia Yixin screamed in panic.

She would definitely need to go back to her maternal home, but not right now.

She had to make preparations before going back.

She couldn’t go home like a criminal or someone being “deported.”

If that happened, her maternal family would not spare her!

Han Zhuoling probably just ignored her and said, “To the Xias, speak the truth as it is. Let that family know that on this matter, they are not the ones on the side of reason. They should not think of trying to pester us on this.”

“Yes.” Xiao Chen and Xiao Guo understood and brought the two people as well as the child and left.

Without such a small baby like Chen Linkai around, the house felt as if it became much emptier.

Lin Liye’s heart also felt empty because of this.

From now on, this was a private matter concerning their family.

Han Zhuoli felt that it was not convenient for him to stay, so he bade farewell to them.

Han Zhuoling nodded and sent him off at the door. “Thanks a lot.”

Han Zhuoli smiled bitterly. “Just don’t blame me for being nosy. Once this matter goes out, there will be more commotion to come.”

“It’s better than being played around with like a fool by Xia Yixin.” Han Zhuoling laughed. “Don’t think too much about it.”

How would there be so many concerns between brothers?

Han Zhuoli smiled. “Then I leave the rest to you guys. I’ll head home first.”

His mind was still on Lu Man who was at home.

Han Zhuoling nodded. He watched Han Zhuoli leave before closing the door.

“We became a laughingstock in front of Han Zhuoli this time!” Han Dongping suddenly said.

As Han Zhuoling suffered this time, Lin Liye decided not to put up with Han Dongping anymore. She said mockingly, “Who can make a laughingstock of us without this terrible matter? If you want to blame someone, blame the person who forced Xia Yixin in here first!

“You don’t even have the slightest idea how terrible your judgment of people is,” Lin Liye said to Han Dongping. “It’s fine if you always did those conceited and arrogant things that made other people treat you like a joke. But you just had to drag our son into this!”

“Lin Liye, you’re rebelling now, are you?!” Han Dongping’s hollered as his face and neck turned red and pulsed with anger.

“Han Dongping, let me tell you this. You ruined my son’s marriage once already. Next time, if you want to do any more stupid things, go ahead, but don’t dream of interfering in the children’s affairs! As for Zhuoling and Zhuofeng’s matters next time—not just their marriage, this includes their work and life—you are not to interfere in any of them! If you dare to interfere, you and I will have a falling out!

“I really regret how I didn’t just stop you like how my younger sister-in-law does and give our two children space and freedom. Both of them are stronger than you, have more sense than you, and are smarter than you, yet you are still so stupid that you can’t even develop some self-awareness. At least by now, you should have some self-awareness, no?”

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