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(Reduced by a Whopping Two-Thirds!)

He did not care about the looks from everyone and answered the call. “Old Gu.”

“Old Xia, I got the news for you.” Old Gu’s voice sounded somewhat somber.

“How is it?” Xia Zhancheng felt his heart leap to his throat.

“The Han Family sent out a Clan Order,” Old Gu said somberly.

Xia Zhancheng shuddered and his hands and feet turned cold. “Are you sure?”

“It’s not a great feat that I managed to find out—the Han family did not hide this at all. So, even by probing just a bit, I was able to find out,” Old Gu said. “Old Xia, my capabilities are limited. This is the most I can help you with. Any more than that, I won’t be able to help.”

Even this Old Gu was thinking whether he should just deny his ties with Xia Zhancheng and avoid being mistakenly attacked by the Han Family.

“This…” Old Gu asked, “Is this related to your daughter’s marriage with Han Zhuoling? I saw the divorce statement that Han Zhuoling’s lawyer published this morning…”

Even the son was returned to the Xia Familly. Wasn’t it obvious that there was some foul play going on here?

The moment the divorce statement was released, the Hans started to deal with the Xias.

They even sent out a clan order and used the power of their whole clan to decimate the Xia family.

Alas, many people probably guessed it right. It was probably because Xia Yixin made a cuckold of Han Zhuoling and that even the son she bore was not Han Zhuoling’s.

Old Gu sucked in a deep breath. He could not help but admit that Xia Yixin really had the guts!

How could she dare!

Now everyone knew that the Han Family activated a clan order to deal with the Xia Family. Without the clan order, there would surely have been many people laughing at Han Zhuoling.

Although they would not dare to do it openly, they would surely be waiting for a good show behind his back.

Someone who had always been high up in the air and made people fear and respect him actually ended up in such an embarrassing situation.

However, now that they’d issued a clan order, who would dare?

Han Zhuoling had been betrayed, but the endgame for daring to humiliate the Han Family like this would be similar to the plight of the Xia Family at present.

There’s a saying that goes, “For every debt, there is a debtor.” However, this was not the case for the Han Family.

If they wanted to settle scores, they would directly seek out the whole family that was behind it!

You’d dare to bet your whole family to offend the Hans?

Now everyone’s attention was on the Han Family’s magnificent move. They were in awe and fear. No one would dare to laugh at Han Zhuoling again.

He had been made a cuckold by his wife, but his ex-wife dragged down the whole Xia Family to a terrible end!

Everyone was left with fear. No one would dare to wait for a good show anymore.

As for Old Gu’s question, Xia Zhancheng did not answer. “Thank you so much for this.”

“No problem.” Old Gu laughed twice and did not continue asking.

Judging from Xia Zhancheng’s reaction, he already knew the answer.

After ending the call, Xia Zhancheng continued to think of other ways to sustain the mall operations.

However, after a mere 10 days, Xia Zhancheng had no choice but to start to close down his malls.

Many of his malls closed down across various locales.

Those brands that still remained in the mall and did not pull out were reorganized and placed in one mall.

The Xia Family’s market share was reduced by a whopping two-thirds!

As for the cinemas, because the Han Corporation pulled out completely, Xia Zhancheng could only contact other cinema operators.

Due to the past incidents with Greedy Wolf Operation, Red Tiger, and Attack Force, the Han Corporation’s cinema chain could be said to have deep grudges with the remaining three cinema operators.

Xia Zhancheng also knew of this, so he contacted those three operators.

However, no matter how unhappy they were with the Han Corporation, they still did not want to aggravate the Han Corporation at this point in time.

The Han Family clearly wanted to exterminate the Xia Family.

This was entirely because of the personal feud between the Hans and the Xias.

There were only a few businesses left in the Xia Family’s malls. It was not worth offending the Han Family for the Xia Family.



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