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(Did You Forget About Lu Man?)


Didn’t Sun Yiwu’s trio go and report him?

Was that of any use?

Wait until he appeared at the office today. He would piss the hell out of them.

Alas, he had just changed into his shoes and had not even stepped out of the house when he received a call from Ke Kebo.

“Mr. Ke.” Liang Chengbing smiled as he greeted him. “Why did you call me? I was just preparing to head to the judges’ office.”

Ke Kebo said politely, “It’s like this. After discussing with the organizing committee, we have decided to revoke your status as a judge on the panel. You will be replaced by Chen Zilong. We have already announced this to the public. Director Liang, you need not come over. You can just concentrate on your work at hand.”

Liang Chengbing’s expression changed. He was utterly stunned and his phone almost slipped out of his hand.

“Mr.—Mr. Ke, what do you mean by this? You didn’t tell me about this beforehand. You removed me just like that? You even announced it to the public directly. Isn’t this too much?!” Liang Chengbing was furious.

Furthermore, Ke Kebo even personally told him not to worry last night.

Did he mean for him to leave without worries?

Liang Chengbing gripped his phone and wanted to go and find Ke Kebo when he heard Ke Kebo say, “Yesterday when Young Master Han was around, there were many things that were not convenient to be spoken about. Furthermore, I wanted to save some face for you, Director Liang. It won’t look good if other people heard about your matter, and it would sully your reputation as well. Director Liang, I’m being considerate of you, you should spare a thought for me too.

“It’s a fact that you abused your authority. If I kept you and the matter got exposed, the reputation of our film festival would be ruined. I can’t ruin the whole film festival just because of you,” Ke Kebo said in a low voice.

“You don’t believe me?” Liang Chengbing was still stubbornly obstinate about it.

“Haha, how do you expect me to believe you like this? I already went to check before. Can you still deny this?”

“Even if that’s the case, wouldn’t it be fine as long as no one said it? Those few judges won’t say it publicly. They’re judges of the film festival—if the reputation of the film festival was affected, they would be the biggest losers. The awards are all decided upon by the judges. If something happens to me, they won’t be able to get away with it unscathed either. They will be seen as accomplices or complicit in my abuse of authority. I won’t have a good end, but they won’t be any better off.” Liang Chengbing did not even bother covering up for himself anymore. He just directly admitted that he was abusing his authority. “If they are smart, they won’t leak this out. Doing so will not benefit them in any way.”

Ke Kebo was so enraged that he wanted to laugh.

He was only thankful that he listened to Han Zhuoli and kicked Liang Chengbing out of the panel of judges.

Otherwise, given the shameless and wayward practices of Liang Chengbing, who knew what other scandals might have come out of the film festival this time around?

Clearly, if he kept on Liang Chengbing, abusing the one vote veto would have only been the start.

Given Liang Chengbing’s attitude just now, he knew that Liang Chengbing thought nothing of this incident.

He might possibly do worse things in the future.

Ke Kebo was especially regretful now. Why did he even choose Liang Chengbing to be one of the judges in the first place?

Ke Kebo pursed his lips and said, “The other judges might choose to cover up the incident for their personal interests and not inform the public about this. However, did you forget about Lu Man, the direct victim of your actions this time?

“Because of you, she lost the chance to be selected into the nomination round for the Best Supporting Female Lead. Given Lu Man’s temperament, she will definitely not take it lying down. Have you forgotten the things she did in the past and the results that she achieved?” If he forgot, Ke Kebo did not mind reminding him of it. “Other people won’t say much, but Lu Man won’t keep quiet about it. Hence, we have no choice but to revoke your appointment as a judge.”


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