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(If It’s a Mistake, I’ll Apologize Personally)

Who’d have guessed that Han Zhuofeng’s first reaction would be, “Lu Man has no idea either?”

Han Zhuoli: “…”

Seemed as if he had to reconsider if his decision to recruit Han Zhuofeng for help was really wrong.

“She knows.” Han Zhuoli looked speechlessly at him.

Han Zhuofeng: “…”

He spoke as if it was a secret between them both, but Lu Man actually knew about it!

“Bro, you never hide anything from Lu Man, do you?” Han Zhuofeng said glumly.

“What’s there to hide?” Han Zhuoli lifted his brow. “Enough of this. Do you understand what I said?”

“I understand, I’ll never leak the secret out,” Han Zhuofeng promised.

Han Zhuoli warned him, still not assured, “I have to declare first that this is just my suspicion and that you might get angry after hearing it. Disbelieve your ears or become furious at me or at the parties involved, but no matter what, you need to remain calm. If you get angry later, take deep breaths and manage your anger. Promise me that you’ll not act rashly and alert the parties involved, that you’ll not investigate by yourself.”

“Bro, what exactly is it?” Hearing Han Zhuoli’s solemn words made Han Zhuofeng nervous and drop the smile from his face.

Han Zhuoli said in a low voice, “Promise me first. With your temper, I won’t be reassured if you don’t promise me.”

Though Han Zhuofeng had a quick temper, he was good at keeping his words.

Just like when he disliked Lu Man in the beginning but still honored his words that he would not make things hard for her.

When Lu Man was in school, Han Zhuoli made him look after Lu Man when she encountered trouble, and Han Zhuofeng made good on his promise.

As long as he promised it, he would do it.

Han Zhuofeng nodded and said seriously, “Alright, I promise!”

Han Zhuoli stayed silent for a moment before saying, “Help me get Han Linkai’s hair, nails, or saliva.”

Hearing this, Han Zhuofeng knew what Han Zhuoli wanted to do. “What do you mean? You want to test his DNA?”

Han Zhuoli said seriously, “Haven’t you noticed that Han Linkai has attached earlobes?”

Han Zhuofeng scratched his head. “That I didn’t. Older Brother was always in Europe and has just returned. I’m at school every day and rarely go back to visit. Even when I do, I never really observe. That sister-in-law of mine is so over-protective of her son, never letting anyone lay a finger on him. Even the occasional hugs my mom would give him make her extremely nervous.”

Upon saying that, Han Zhuofeng suddenly stopped, his face turning an ugly shade. “You suspect that Han Linkai is…?”

“The Han family members all have detached earlobes. There’s never any exception. Even though Auntie has attached earlobes, you and Older Brother both have detached ones. Since Xia Yixin and Older Brother both have detached earlobes, the chance of Han Linkai having attached ones is slim to none. I’m disinclined to believe it even if you say he’s inherited genes from Auntie,” Han Zhuoli explained.

Han Zhuofeng stood up suddenly, his face showing a stunned expression. “Brother, this is a serious accusation. This is an insult to my brother, and even if I don’t like Xia Yixin, still…”

“I know. That’s why I called you and not your brother. If, after we’ve clarified things, it turns out that it’s my mistake, I’ll go and apologize personally. But if…” Han Zhuoli was solemn. “But if I’m not mistaken, then Xia Yixin doesn’t get to insult the Han Family either!”

This matter was of paramount importance. Han Zhuoli would not have mentioned it out of nowhere.

The three of them, brothers of the Han Family, rarely had any competitions and were always united.

Things like competing among each other and harming one another would never happen.

Even if Han Zhuoling was overseas for a long time, his relationship with Han Zhuoli was still as good as ever.



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