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(Sending for Identification)

“I’m coming back! I’ll just go out for a while, I’ll be back real quick. Mom, you must definitely make the pork trotters for me to eat!” Han Zhuofeng had already walked out of the door as his voice drifted through the house.


Han Zhuofeng drove straight to the Han Corporation.

“Big Bro!” Han Zhuofeng charged right into his office.

He did not expect the managers from the various departments to be in Han Zhuoli’s office.

Han Zhuoli glanced at the things in Han Zhuofeng’s hands and said to the managers of the various departments, “You all can go back first. I have some matters to attend to right now. I’ll find another time to discuss this with you all again.”

Everyone started packing their things and left the office.

Han Zhuofeng closed the door and said, “Bro, I got all the stuff.”

“That’s fast.” Han Zhuoli did not expect Han Zhuofeng to suddenly be so lightning-quick in his actions.

“The sooner the results are out, the sooner we can resolve this problem. We can really only be assured whether or not he is a descendant of the Han Family after getting the results,” Han Zhuofeng said. “I brought my elder brother’s toothbrush over. This cup has Han Linkai’s saliva. Quick, send it over. Stop working already.”

Han Zhuoli: “…”

“You should come with me,” Han Zhuoli said. “Send it to the identification center. I’m afraid the results won’t be out so soon though,” Han Zhuoli said.

“Alright.” Han Zhuofeng nodded. He brought the things as both of them headed to the identification center.

After they submitted the items, a report of the results can be published only after one week.

This was in part because of Han Zhuoli as well, so the report could be produced faster.

Or else, they would have to wait even longer.

After coming out of the identification center, Han Zhuofeng could not raise his spirits no matter what.

Han Zhuoli patted him on the shoulder. “Wait for the results. I hope I’m the one who made a mistake.”

Han Zhuofeng lowered his head and said despondently, “Although this is what I hope for as well, I know very well that you might actually be right.”

Han Zhuofeng looked up at him and said, “Previously, I did not pay attention to the things going on at home, that’s why I did not know anything. However, after hearing what you said today, I went back and carefully observed Xia Yixin. She really isn’t just simply being protective of her child.”

Han Zhuofeng clenched his fists and visibly shook with anger.

Both of his elder brothers were like idols to him.

They were the elder brothers who held up the sky before him so that he could do whatever he liked willfully.

Han Zhuoling was a strict person who only cared about work usually and seemed aloof and unfriendly.

However, he cared about his family more than anyone else.

His elder brother could not suffer such a humiliation!

Han Zhuoli patted Han Zhuofeng’s shoulder and said, “Bear with it for a while more.”

Han Zhuofeng nodded. “I know.”

When Han Zhuofeng returned home, he acted like he usually would and did not reveal anything unusual.


Three days after Han Zhuoling and Han Linkai’s things were sent to the identification center, Lu Man finished school.

Zheng Yuan and friends dragged Lu Man along to watch a movie. It was a superhero movie that had just premiered in cinemas. “It’s the hottest film out there right now. Almost all the showtimes were sold out up ’til now. Let’s go and watch together.”

“Full house? Are their ticket sales that good?” Lu Man asked.

“Aye, the three of us went to the publicity event out of courtesy, so the organizers gave us a few tickets for free. It just so happened that the date for the tickets is today. We gave a few tickets to our family members and reserved one for you,” Han Leilei said.

“Thanks a lot!” Lu Man said as she smiled. Anyway, Han Zhuoli was busy recently and did not have time to keep her company, so she went along with Zheng Yuan and friends.

After they watched the movie, the night had come.

When the four of them came out of the cinema, Lu Man received a call from Han Zhuoli.

“You’re out?” Han Zhuoli could hear the noise in the background on Lu Man’s end.



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