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(Han Zhuoling Seems a Little Cute)

“It’s nothing much. I will go to the venue in a while and help you touch up your makeup halfway through. However, there are usually no problems. The products I used on you this time all have strong lasting power, so they can stand the test of time,” Shi Xiaoya explained. Seeing that she was not needed anymore here, she left.

After Shi Xiaoya left, Lu Man pulled Han Zhuoli to one side and said in a hushed voice, “Xiaoya was really scared quite badly. I have never seen her like this before.”

It was totally different from Han Zhuoling’s impression of Shi Xiaoya.

Han Zhuoling felt that Shi Xiaoya was very klutzy.

However, the Shi Xiaoya that Lu Man knew was a very confident person who was very tactful in the way she handled things.

Her skills aside, which could make artistes rush to her like ducks or make most people not dare to throw a temper at her…

No matter how difficult the client was, Shi Xiaoya would always manage to deal with the person smoothly. There was no one who was not pleased with her.

Yet she crumbled in Han Zhuoling’s hands today.

However, Lu Man could kind of understand why.

Not just outsiders, even she herself could be considered family with Han Zhuoling, but she would not dare to talk to Han Zhuoling either.

Although she knew that Han Zhuoling was someone who was cold on the outside but warm on the inside—although he appeared very stern and unfriendly—he was actually someone who was very thoughtful towards his family.

However, he was always so stern. Every time Lu Man saw him, she could not help but feel nervous.

Even she was like this, what more Shi Xiaoya?

Shi Xiaoya brought her assistant and entered the hotel lift. She then thought of how Han Zhuoling had already divorced Xia Yixin.

She had heard some news that the Hans were dealing with the Xias.

Judging from what Han Zhuoling said, it sounded like Xia Yixin could not take it lying down and went to plead with Han Zhuoling but failed, so she just lunged at him.

Although Han Zhuoling looked stern, he did not look like someone who would hit a woman, or else he would not have let Xia Yixin scratch his face.

Shi Xiaoya suddenly felt like laughing.

He was clearly such a stern person who made people fearful of offending him, yet he got scratched on the face by a woman so easily.

She could not help but think of the scene where Han Zhuoling struggled to escape from Xia Yixin’s claws and wondered if his perfect suit had any creases from that.

To her, thinking about that made Han Zhuoling seem a little cute.

The next time she saw him, she probably would not be that scared of him anymore.

Shi Xiaoya also could not grasp what was wrong with Xia Yixin’s mind. She let go of a good man like Han Zhuoling and had to have an affair and even disgrace to such an extent.

Han Zhuoling may seem very stern and scary, but… but he was still a good man.

At least in her family, there was no one who did not sing praises of Han Zhuoling.

Except for the fact that he had a stern demeanor, his looks were pretty good.

She was really dumb for ditching Han Zhuoling for someone else.

“Xiaoya.” When Shi Xiaoya walked out of the lift, she was still immersed in her own thoughts and only snapped back to reality when she heard her name.

When she turned around, she saw Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng walk over.

“Director Sun, Director Ji.” Shi Xiaoya immediately walked out of the lift and greeted the two of them. “Are you both here to see Lu Man?”

“Yes. She will walk the red carpet two times with each of us, so we came to fetch her,” Sun Yiwu said.

“Lu Man is all ready,” Shi Xiaoya said as she smiled.

“Alright, then, we will go out first. You can go ahead,” Sun Yiwu replied with an answering smile.

Shi Xiaoya bade the two goodbye and went to find Cris.

Han Zhuoli walked over with Lu Man and Han Zhuoling, as well as with Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng.

They only parted when they walked out of the hotel entrance to board their respective cars.

The red carpet had its own sequence as well. Lu Man had to be with the production crew and could not go together with Han Zhuoli.



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