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(Why Is She Such a Klutz?)

It’s a little ticklish.

Han Zhuoling frowned slightly. Shi Xiaoya could not help but look at his expression.

It was probably because she was too nervous, and probably because Han Zhuoling’s expression had been very stern all along, his gaze almost like daggers.

Shi Xiaoya was very afraid that she would do something wrong and anger this big CEO.

That was why she could not help but glance over nervously to watch his reaction.

When she saw that Han Zhuoling had frowned, Shi Xiaoya immediately held her breath nervously.

“Mr. Han, is there anything that’s inappropriate?” Shi Xiaoya asked nervously.

She stared squarely at Han Zhuoling’s face with her big eyes.

Anything inappropriate?

This was too inappropriate.

He did not know what was inappropriate, yet he felt that everything was inappropriate.

At first, she only breathed on his face. Now that she’d talked, her breath bounced back and forth on his face, making not just his face but even his earlobes feel ticklish.

The wound that still stung with a little bit of pain disappeared. Instead, it felt a little ticklish.

This ticklish feeling seemed to seep into his blood through his wound and went right into his heart, making his heart feel ticklish too.

Han Zhuoling suddenly turned to look at Shi Xiaoya.

Shi Xiaoya totally did not expect Han Zhuoling to suddenly turn and became dumbstruck.

She forgot to react and simply stared at his face like that, with only an inch of space between the two of them.

She even seemed to feel his breath lightly on her face.

Shi Xiaoya did not know how red her face was now.

Han Zhuoling’s stern gaze flickered slightly before he frowned and turned back. “Continue.”

Shi Xiaoya was still dumbstruck. A long while after Han Zhuoling said that, she still did not react.

Han Zhuoling turned and turned to look at her. “Are you done?”

Shi Xiaoya finally reacted. However, the moment she did, she was scared again by Han Zhuoling’s stern expression and asked, “Mr. Han, is there any problem?”

“I’m asking you, are you done?” Han Zhuoling asked while holding back his temper.

He heard that Shi Xiaoya was the top makeup artist in the industry. Even Gao Zishan and the likes had to make a reservation with her beforehand to engage her service.

How could she be such a klutz in real life?

She could actually survive in the entertainment industry with this kind of personality?

“Not yet!” Shi Xiaoya said. She took two breaths, put on her professional attitude, and said, “There’s still a little bit left.”

Shi Xiaoya took the beauty blender and blended out the edges of the foundation around the red mark to create a natural look before using her fingers to tap lightly.

Han Zhuoling only felt her soft fingertips landing gently on his face, leaving a soft and ticklish feeling.

Han Zhuoling clenched his teeth and waited for Shi Xiaoya to finish applying the loose powder to set his makeup.

“It’s done,” Shi Xiaoya said.

If it were someone else, she would definitely touch up the eyebrows and eyes a little to enhance their appearance in front of the cameras while looking like they had no makeup on.

However, who knew how Han Zhuoling got his features? They were just so perfect.

He had thick eyebrows and a sharp gaze that did not need any touching up. Even the HD cameras would not find any fault in him.

Han Zhuoling looked into the mirror and realized that it was really not bad. It was impossible to tell that there was a wound on his face at all, nor was it obvious that he had concealed the wound.

“Mr. Han, the wound on your face has been temporarily concealed. However, concealing it with foundation will make it hard for your skin to breathe, so it’s still better to remove the makeup as soon as possible and disinfect the wound,” Shi Xiaoya said.

Han Zhuoling nodded. “Got it. Thanks a lot.”

Shi Xiaoya smiled and finally exhaled.

She then turned to Lu Man and said, “Is there anything that needs to be touched up for the makeup?”

“Nope, it’s very good,” Lu Man said with a smile. “Thank you for the trouble this time.”



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