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Because of Xia Yixin’s strange behavior, even the two elders felt a little uncomfortable and did not really talk to her.

Lin Liye was astute and brought Xia Yixin to leave with her.

Old Mrs. Han secretly told Lin Liye, “Next time, you can come alone. Don’t bring that daughter-in-law of yours here anymore.”

“I understand. I won’t bring her over anymore.” Lin Liye did not imagine that Xia Yixin could be so petty.

Her own husband was busy and had no time for her, so she took it out on other people for no reason.


There was no chance that she would bring her over again.

Lu Man and Han Zhuoli stayed behind, but with Xia Yixin’s disturbance, the atmosphere became a little off.

Lu Man did not feel good about how it made Lin Liye leave early as well.

As they did not want to disturb the two elders’ afternoon nap, both of them only sat around for a while after having lunch before they left.

Actually, Xia Yixin did not know that Han Zhuoli did not always keep her company when he had the time.

It was rare for him to have a day off as well.

“Where are we going next?” Han Zhuoli held Lu Man’s hand and said, “I think we haven’t gone on a date in a while.”

They were newlyweds, yet they were already living like an old couple.

As Lu Man was considerate of him, usually when he had a day off, she would stay at home with him for him to relax and have a good break.

In the end, the chances they had to go on a date dwindled before they knew it.

“Why don’t we go to a theme park?” Lu Man asked, then waited for Han Zhuoli’s reaction.

Seeing how mature he was, it was really quite hard to imagine him playing in a theme park.

“I haven’t really had a chance to go so I feel like going,” Lu Man said.

Han Zhuoli’s lips twitched. His wife’s young age was beginning to show its influence now.

“Let’s go to the theme park, then.” Han Zhuoli nodded.

Both of them got inside the car. For some reason, Lu Man could not forget the fact that Han Linkai did not have detached earlobes.

“Big Brother has detached earlobes, right?” Lu Man asked.

“Yeah.” Han Zhuoli touched his earlobe. “Everyone in the Han Family has detached earlobes.”

Lu Man nodded and felt that she was thinking too much again.

“What’s wrong?” Han Zhuoli did not believe that Lu Man would ask this for no rhyme or reason.

“Nothing.” Lu Man shook her head and decided to forget about it.

Han Zhuoli held her hand and said, “Liar.”

Even if he did not use his family head ability, based on his understanding of Lu Man, he could also tell that she was not speaking the truth.

Furthermore, his family head ability was the ability to discern whether a person was lying or not.

“I’m the one who’s being strange.” Lu Man sighed as she explained, “Just now, I noticed that Han Linkai did not have detached earlobes. However, Big Brother has detached earlobes, and Xia Yixin has them too. I just thought it was a little strange. But I also saw that Auntie has attached earlobes. Perhaps Han Linkai took after Auntie. After all, Uncle has detached ones while Auntie has them attached. Big Brother probably got the dominant trait, so it wouldn’t be strange that Han Linkai doesn’t have his detached.”

However, right after Lu Man said that, Han Zhuoli’s face fell. “No. As long as it’s a member of the Han Family, the person would surely have detached earlobes. However, there are not many daughters born in the Han Family. My grandfather and my dad’s generation, as well as mine, all bore sons. Even if the number of daughters is low, making this fact hard to tell, the males in the Han Family would definitely have earlobes.

“In the Han Family, it is not uncommon for the father to have detached earlobes while the mother doesn’t. However, the child would definitely have detached earlobes. I can’t give any scientific explanation for this, but it is indeed true that there has been no exceptions to this before,” Han Zhuoli said in a low voice.

Lu Man started to feel a little panicky. She kind of regretted saying it and felt that perhaps she should not have said it out loud.

It was just a slight difference; it might not mean anything. If the child was hurt simply because of her suspicion, it would not be good.



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