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(Is There Something Wrong with His Brain?)

Han Zhuoli chuckled lightly. The sight of his Adam’s apple jutting out seemed exceptionally sexy.

He lowered his eyes and stared at Lu Man’s reddened face and knew what she was thinking about already.

“Quick, call me that twice.” Han Zhuoli held back his laugh. “Aside from those times, you rarely call me that.”

Lu Man did not know why, but usually, when she was in her right mind, she would feel very shy calling him that.

Both of them had been married for a while and she had already been used to married life and to putting herself in the position of a wife.

However, she just could not bring herself to say it.

She felt that it was extremely mushy.

“Zhiqing had legit matters to discuss with me when she called just now.” Lu Man tried to change the topic.

Han Zhuoli laughed dryly. “Don’t try to change the subject!”

Seeing Han Zhuoli’s handsome face that she could never get tired of, Lu Man felt that she could not bring herself to call him that probably because she felt shy looking at his face.

Her face was flushed red as she finally managed to force it out and say, “Hubby!”

Han Zhuoli laughed tenderly and kissed her on the lips. “If you call me a few more times like this, you will get used to it.”

To him, hearing her soft voice call him like this sounded exceptionally melodious.

“What did Yan Zhiqing tell you?” Han Zhuoli only asked her this now.

“She told me that the Best Newcomer Award is mine and notified me beforehand so that I can prepare for it,” Lu Man said. She also told him about Liang Chengbing’s results.

Han Zhuoli looked at Lu Man and said, “This is your first time attending such an important awards ceremony. This weekend, I’ll take you out to pick a gown.”

Lu Man also knew that at such an event, her image should not be overlooked. She immediately agreed.

At that moment, Xia Qingwei called.

“Man Man, are you going to attend that Fei Yue International Film Festival?” Xia Qingwei asked.

“Yeah, what’s wrong?” Lu Man was still in Han Zhuoli’s arms and he did not let go.

“Just now, the organizers called your dad and invited him to go. He wanted to ask if you are going. If you go, he will go too. If you are not going, he won’t go either,” Xia Qingwei said as she smiled.

Wang Juhuai was totally listening to his daughter’s words right now. Xia Qingwei thought it was really funny no matter how she thought about it.

“I am going,” Lu Man said. “You can go with Dad too.”

“Alright, I will tell him. Let’s see if he’s willing to bring me along.”

The moment Xia Qingwei said that, Lu Man could hear Wang Juhuai’s voice from that end of the call saying, “I’m willing—of course I’m willing. I will bring you. I will, I will. It’s a must!”

Liang Chengbing also received an invite from the organizers on his end.

Although Liang Chengbing was not sure if his works would win an award in the end, he was still very confident that he got through the nomination round.

The reporters did not have the nominated name list on hand. They could only judge the likelihood of the person getting into the nomination round based on the participants’ list for the film festival this time.

One of them was Liang Chengbing.

The next day, the news online released a reporter’s interview with Liang Chengbing.

Lu Man was at school. Once her first class ended and it was time for a break, the students in the classroom started chatting at one side and scrolling through their Weibo.

Suddenly, someone said, “Quick, look, it’s Liang Chengbing’s interview!”

Zhuang Tingting was heard saying, “Seems like Director Liang does not have a good opinion of Lu Man.”

“What has this got to do with Lu Man?” Zheng Yuan was perplexed and turned around to look for Lu Man. “Quick, look. Why is that Liang Chengbing dissing you again?”

Pan Xue and Han Leilei also opened the video to watch.

The moment Lu Man tapped on it, she heard Pan Xue shout, “What the f*ck! Is there something wrong with this Liang Chengbing’s brain?!”

“Where is it?” Lu Man asked.

She did not follow any media outlets and did not follow a lot of people on Weibo. Hence, she could not find it so quickly like Pan Xue did.



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