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(Han Zhuoli Really Had Ill Intentions)

Han Zhuoling was afraid that the pictures would not be enough to agitate Han Dongping.

Hence, he sent all of them to Han Dongping.

Han Dongping scrolled through the pictures one by one.

The pictures had captured the front of Xia Yixin’s face. The quality of Lu Man’s camera was not bad. Even the pictures she took at night were clear enough for Han Dongping to recognize that it was Xia Yixin. He could no longer refute the claim by saying that the picture was blurry.

Aside from a few pictures that caught the front view of Xia Yixin’s face, Xia Yixin was facing Chen Zefeng most of the time.

Both of them were chatting and all smiles. One could tell from the pictures that they were really close.

The pictures after those became even more unsightly.

Chen Zefeng was hugging Xia Yixin as if there as no one around and was then kissing her face and her lips.

Xia Yixin was totally being coquettish.

Han Dongping’s expression became aghast and his face turned purple as he stared at these unsightly pictures.

Han Dongping probably just felt that he had lost face.

Only Lin Liye really felt heartache for Han Zhuoling.

She also agreed with Han Zhuofeng. “Divorce! They must get a divorce!”

Han Dongping wanted to say something, but Lin Liye cut him off and said angrily, “Don’t tell me you still want to say that we can’t tell from these pictures that it’s really Xia Yixin?”

Han Zhuofeng felt that there was something he had to say.

“Mom, Brother, don’t get angry when I say this,” Han Zhuofeng said in a slightly smaller voice.

He was not afraid for Lin Liye’s sake; he was afraid for Han Zhuoling’s.

Han Zhuoling turned and raised his eyebrow as he asked, “What is it? Why do you sound so guilty?”

“I… I took Linkai’s saliva and your toothbrush and went to the identification center with Big Brother to do a DNA test,” Han Zhuofeng said in a small voice. He even stole a furtive glance at Han Zhuoling’s expression.

However, at this point in time, Han Zhuoling was still remaining nonchalant.

“What!” Lin Liye was shocked and angry, but it was not directed towards Han Zhuofeng. “You… you guys suspect that Linkai…”

Han Zhuofeng explained carefully, “Big Brother and Xia Yixin both have detached earlobes, but Linkai doesn’t. Mom, although you don’t have detached earlobes, all the children of the Han Family have them, even if their mothers do not. It’s just like me and Big Brother, both of us have them.

“Still, I also think that this cannot be counted as reasonable evidence. Cross-generational inheritance is possible, but I cannot help but think about Xia Yixin’s behavior ever since Big Brother and she came back. Each time any of us in the family get close to Linkai, she would always guard against us and stare at us until we feel uncomfortable and don’t want to get any closer.” Han Zhuofeng simply called him Linkai and did not use the Han family name anymore.

In his heart, he already felt that Han Linkai was 99% not part of the Han Family, so he might as well just call him Linkai.

“I cannot help but think how, in the past, we always thought that Xia Yixin just cared too much about her son, but what if it’s not that? Perhaps Xia Yixin was actually afraid that we would discover something amiss, so she always kept a tight watch on us,” Han Zhuofeng said. “So I think that whether or not Second Brother’s guess is true, at least we have to go and check first and confirm it. Or else, it will always be a thorn in our hearts.”

Han Dongping scoffed angrily and said, “Han Zhuoli indeed has ill intentions! Just because of such baseless rumors, he even suspected Linkai and said he’s not a child of our family.”

Lin Liye could no longer be bothered to scold Han Dongping and just treated his words as if they were his farts.

Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuofeng shared the same chemistry with her.

“Big Brother, I’m sorry, I did this behind your back,” Han Zhuofeng said carefully. “Second Brother said that if the result proved that he was wrong, he would personally come and apologize to you.”

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