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(I’ve Waited for You for Thirty Years)

“Still scared now?” Han Zhuoli asked.

Lu Man shook her head. “I’m at home now. It’s safe here and I’m not afraid. Just wanted to wait up for you.”

“Want a bath?” Lu Man went to get Han Zhuoli’s pajamas.

“I’ll just have a quick shower.” Han Zhuoli took the pajamas and headed to the bathroom.

Soon, he came out freshly showered.

“How are things over there?” Lu Man asked.

Han Zhuoli went to bed under the covers. “Forced Xia Yixin to sign the divorce papers. She even hoped and begged for Big Brother’s forgiveness just this once, but of course, no one agreed. ”

“And the child? Linkai is…” By this time, Lu Man did not harbor any hopes.

Indeed, Han Zhuoli replied, “He’s the child of the man she’s with today, unrelated to my big brother.”

Lu Man felt bad; though Old Mrs. Han did not like Xia Yixin, she doted on Chen Linkai so much.

Xia Yixin kept a close watch and never let anyone hug Chen Linkai.

Despite this, the family home always had suitable toys for the child on hand, as well as Linkai’s favorite oatmeal.

“How bad are his grandparents going to feel…?” Lu Man said sadly. “And Big Brother, he…”

She wasn’t close to Han Zhuoling, so she never really understood his character.

But for Han Zhuoli to be considerate and help him like this, it showed that this big brother was a good one.

She’d like anyone that Han Zhuoli liked.

Though Han Zhuoling looked distant and spoke little during the few times they met, she still remembered the first time they met, when Han Zhuoling supported her and Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuoling was someone who looked cold but was warm at heart.

Such an amazing man should not be ridiculed like this.

Knowing Lu Man’s thoughts, Han Zhuoli pulled her into his embrace. “It’s alright, we just have to make Big Brother find a suitable match soon.”

Lu Man slapped him on the chest, not knowing if she should laugh or cry. “It’s not that simple! Even you spent 30 years as a bacheor before you found me!”

Han Zhuoli laughed when he heard this.

This girl is getting thicker skin over time.

Strong arms wrapped tighter around her. “That’s right, and that’s on you. Why did you take so long to appear? Letting me wait for 30 whole years.”

Lu Man hugged his waist, thinking that though he’d waited for more than 30 years…

She waited for him as long too!

Lu Man closed her eyes and pressed close to him, rubbing her cheeks against his chest a few times.

She always had a niggling sense of insecurity every time she thought of this.

Afraid that the moment she opened her eyes, everything would be gone.

He would be gone.

Now, she gradually calmed down by smelling his fresh scent.

“Don’t know if Big Brother can manage to find someone he likes by himself. Others shouldn’t rush him or force someone he has no feelings for on him, and vice versa, together. Otherwise, it’s unfair to both parties.”

“That won’t happen. Big Brother has made his stance clear this time, that he won’t accept any more interference from Uncle regarding his affairs. There’s something else. I originally wanted to settle this among us three brothers before telling it to the elders, but Big Brother insisted on settling it in front of Uncle and Auntie, just to make an example for Uncle to see. And to let him stop interfering in Zhuofeng’s affairs as well.”

At this time, Han Zhuoli still had no idea that Lin Liye had already moved out from the house and went to stay with her sons.

And Han Zhuofeng, who originally lived at home, had also moved to Han Zhuoling’s place.



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