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(Attached Earlobes)

Old Mrs. Han sighed. “Juhuai has it hard. He doesn’t have his own children, yet he can still dote on you as if you were his own daughter. Speaking of which, everyone in your family of three had it hard. That’s why you three became a family now. Juhuai doesn’t have a daughter, so fate gifted you to him as his daughter. Your biological father is as good as non-existent, that’s why you have such an outstanding father like Juhuai now. This is truly a happy ending for you all.”

Just as they were chatting, Lin Liye brought Xia Yixin over and Xia Yixin came in carrying her son in her arms.

The moment she saw Han Zhuoli and Lu Man, Xia Yixin was a little shocked. She seemed to recall something right then and her face fell.

“You both are here.” Old Mrs. Han sounded rather enthusiastic.

When Xia Yixin sat down, Old Mrs. Han started playing with Han Linkai, who was in Xia Yixin’s arms.

Lu Man noticed that the beeswax pendant that Xia Qingwei had gifted to Han Linkai was not worn by him anymore.

Lu Man was not bothered by it though. That kind of accessory need not be worn all the time.

Alas, Xia Yixin seemed to sense Lu Man’s gaze or something and suddenly turned to Lu Man with a strange smile on her face. “I didn’t expect Zhuoli to be here too. You both seem to be together all the time.”

Lin Liye felt that Xia Yixin’s words sounded strange and said, “They are newlyweds, of course they must be together.”

“What I mean is that although today is a Sunday, Zhuoling is still out busy with work. He always leaves the house early and comes home late. Zhuoli is actually so free?” Xia Yixin was obviously jealous.

Wherever Lu Man went, Han Zhuoli would follow her. No matter how busy he was, he would still take the time out to accompany her.

She even heard that when Lu Man went out to film, Han Zhuoli almost did not sleep even though he was super busy with work in B City, just so that he could squeeze out time to go and keep Lu Man company.

But what about Han Zhuoling?

He seemed to have never-ending work and would always refuse to stay by her side.

Han Zhuoli’s face immediately hardened. He did not hold back at all and said, “Man Man has a good temper and is considerate of me. She never willfully asks me to accompany her and even hopes that I can get more rest whenever I have the time. She’s such a lovely wife who is so considerate of me—of course I have to spend more time with her.”

Xia Yixin’s smile almost turned lopsided. Han Zhuoli was saying that she was not lovable and was instead inconsiderate!

Even Lin Liye, who had such a good temper, was displeased. She turned and lowered her voice as she said to Xia Yixin, “If you don’t know how to talk, don’t open your mouth! Zhuoling is busy and doesn’t have time to keep you company. If you have any grievances towards him, go back and tell him that. Even if you want to quarrel with him, I won’t side with him. Don’t take your anger out on Lu Man for no rhyme or reason!”

Xia Yixin lowered her head and kept quiet, but her unhappiness was written all over her face.

Lu Man thought it was strange. “Big Brother didn’t return to Europe?”

“I didn’t let him go,” Old Mrs. Han said. “Both of us are already so old. Who knows how much time we have left to keep our children by our side with us? He doesn’t have to personally helm the company in Europe. Just let him stay here and spend more time with the family so that he doesn’t keep spending time on work and neglect his family.”

Lu Man nodded, and her gaze fell on Han Linkai, who was in Xia Yixin’s arms.

Han Linkai turned to play with Xia Yixin’s hair. Lu Man noticed that Han Linkai did not have detached earlobes.

She turned to glance at Han Zhuoli, and then at Lin Liye, before looking at the two elders.

The Han family members seemed to all have detached earlobes, but Lin Liye did not.

Lu Man thought that perhaps Han Linkai took after Lin Liye.



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