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(Couldn’t He Tell?)

Han Zhuoli suddenly understood Han Zhuoling’s motive.

He was using his own marriage to deal Han Dongping a blow, to stand up for him and Han Zhuofeng.

This was their Big Brother.

When Xia Yixin got exposed, Han Zhuoling’s first reaction was not to air grievances and complain for himself. Instead, the first thing he wanted to do was to seek justice for Han Zhuoli.

“Brother.” Han Zhuoli was moved.

“…” Han Zhuoling scoffed and said, “Don’t say any more rubbish. Just bring them over.”

Han Zhuoli laughed silently.

Han Zhuoling was quite an awkward person too.

He was clearly being nice to you yet he would not say it out loud and would not want to hear you express your gratitude. He would insist on acting aloof and nonchalant.

Who knew how this character of his came about.

It was a good thing he and Han Zhuofeng had never been disdainful of Han Zhuoling since they were young.

Or else, given his character, he would really have had no friends.

Han Zhuoli then informed Xiao Chen and told him to move to a different location and bring them directly to Han Dongping’s house.

After Xiao Chen answered, he thought in his heart how exciting this was playing out.


Han Zhuoli sent Lu Man home. Once Lu Man stepped into the house, Han Zhuoli carried Lu Man up in his arms.

Lu Man was startled and exclaimed, “Don’t you need to go to Big Brother’s house?”

“Let’s take a look at you first,” Han Zhuoli said as he carried Lu Man back to the bedroom.

He had not taken a good look at her outside, so Han Zhuoli was still not assured.

Now that they were back home in a well-lit room, Han Zhuoli checked her all over thoroughly again.

From her fingernails to her toenails, he did not leave out a single detail.

He even unbuttoned her shirt to see if she got any scratches on her skin.

If he did not have serious matters to deal with and definitely would not think of “that,” Lu Man would have really thought that he was up to no good.

“Alright, alright.” Lu Man hastily clutched her shirt. At this rate, she was really going to be undressed from head to toe.

Although both of them had been intimate before, she still felt especially shy letting him just check her body like this.

“Big Brother and Zhuofeng are still waiting for you. Uncle and Auntie would probably be shocked by their appearance with no one to give an explanation. You should quickly go and take a look,” Lu Man reminded him.

Once Han Zhuoli was sure that there was nothing wrong with Lu Man, he said, “Are you okay being on your own at home?”

“There’s Auntie He and Butler Xiao Wang around too. I’ll be fine.” Lu Man clutched her shirt and stood up. “On the other hand, you are the one who should be careful while driving. I know you’re angry, but you have to focus when driving. Don’t think about the things that make you angry, and don’t make me worried too. I’ll be waiting for you at home. When you’re done settling the matter, come home immediately.”

Lu Man instructed him all at once and Han Zhuoli agreed to everything she said.

His heart was filled with rage because of Xia Yixin at first.

He felt aggrieved for Han Zhuoling and felt indescribable disgust towards Xia Yixin.

However, with Lu Man caring for him, the rage in Han Zhuoli’s heart unknowingly dissipated.

He smiled gently and nodded. “Don’t worry, I’ll come home as soon as I can. Don’t wait for me, you can sleep first.”

Although he said that, Lu Man would still worry about him if he did not come. How could she sleep then?

She only agreed to assure him and did not know whether Han Zhuoli really believed her.

Of course, Han Zhuoli did not. He knew his lass’ temper too well.

However, he did not say much and left the house hastily.

Han Zhuoli arrived at Han Dongping’s house.

When he opened the door, he saw Xia Yixin and Chen Zefeng lying on the floor.

Han Dongping’s face was aghast. When he saw that Han Zhuoli finally came, he asked in a fit of rage, “What exactly is going on?!”

Lin Liye slowly and quietly inched away from Han Dongping.

He was still asking what was going on at this point?

Could he not tell?

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