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(Get It from Him)

She never tried to care about Han Zhuoling and only knew to hold a grudge against Han Zhuoling for how he did not treat her well.

If she did not want to put in effort right from the start, how would she be able to get any in return?

Now, she even blatantly complained about Han Zhuoling!

Lin Liye screamed angrily, “No matter how much Zhuoling neglected you, he had never been unfaithful to you! You are accusing him, but have you ever reflected on yourself? Have you ever put in the effort? Have you ever cared about him? When he was busy with work, have you ever asked him if he had eaten and whether he had slept? You want him to care about you, but have you ever cared about him?

“Xia Yixin, the marriage between the two of you was never built on mutual affection! You cannot expect two people with no feelings for each other at all to suddenly develop deep feelings for each other. You cannot expect to be pampered like a princess, for everyone to give in to you when you’re being willful to satisfy your teenage romance fantasies. You never cared for him or put in any effort for him. You only know to spend his money and compare yourself with other people outside and be your rich man’s wife. He never blamed you for all these, yet you’re flipping around to blame him? What right do you have?!”

Lin Liye had to admit that she was biased as Han Zhuoling’s mother.

She was more biased towards her own son psychologically.

Usually, though, when there was really something between the two of them, she would not interfere or side with her son.

However, this was her eldest son, who was the source of her pride—her outstanding and righteous son!

Why should he be humiliated by a woman like Xia Yixin?!

When Lin Liye was done scolding Xia Yixin, she glared scathingly at Han Dongping.

If not for Han Dongping’s insistence, Han Zhuoling’s marriage would not have turned into such a traumatizing scene like this!

She had always been envious of Han Xijin and his wife. They were open, and that was why Han Zhuoli’s marriage was also so good.

Before meeting Lu Man, Han Zhuoli was also a bachelor in his prime.

Han Xijin and his wife would always persuade Han Zhuoli to quickly bid farewell to singlehood whenever they saw him.

However, this was merely lip service. They had never forced him to be with someone because of this and never forced Han Zhuoli to marry a woman he did not like.

And now, Han Zhuoli finally met Lu Man.

Look at the kind of life Han Zhuoli was leading after he got married!

His wife was obedient and sweet and considered all things for Han Zhuoli. She would never go and do those things to compare herself with others, and she always put her family first.

Look at Xia Yixin!

Han Zhuoling also wanted to lead a good life with her after his marriage!

If Xia Yixin did not go overboard, why would Han Zhuoling’s heart have turned cold?!

However, who was to blame for this?

Xia Yixin?

She had to be blamed.

But Han Dongping was to blame too!

Why could he not learn to stop?!

But she herself was to blame too, for not being able to fight for her son.

Han Dongping did not have the mind to care about Lin Liye’s attitude towards him anymore. His face was turning purple.

He never expected Xia Yixin to really have an affair, and even Han Linkai was 80 to 90% not a descendant of their family!

That despicable woman!

“Since you’re so unhappy with my big brother, then quickly get a divorce!” Han Zhuofeng bellowed. “When you’re divorced, you can then go and find someone who can make you happy!”

Han Zhuofeng pointed at the man beside her and said, “Ah, right, you can live with him! Your son must be his too! Since you’re so unhappy, why bother asking my big brother for forgiveness?!”

“No, I don’t want a divorce. I don’t want a divorce!” Xia Yixin repeatedly said.

If she got a divorce, everything would be over!

If she went back to the Xia Family, they would not let her off!

She had an affair and made a cuckold of Han Zhuoling. Even her son was not his.

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