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(You Don’t Want to Live with Me Anymore?)

“Before this, it was Dai Yiran. Now, it’s Xia Yixin. Both of them were chosen by you, but look at them. Look at what kind of people you chose!” Lin Liye was fuming with rage. “You actually had the gall to introduce her to Zhuoli? Younger Brother and Younger Sister-in-law did not like her, yet you still had the gall to be unhappy about it? What they said was right. You are just an Uncle, not his own father. What right do you have to go and interfere with Zhuoli’s affairs? Luckily, he didn’t listen to you. Or else, that Dai Yiran? She would just have become a second Xia Yixin!

“My fine son, he’s so righteous and outstanding, yet he became a laughingstock for no reason other than Xia Yixin. Zhuoling has already suffered once. Even if I have to fight it out with you, I won’t let you interfere with his affairs again!” Lin Liye had gathered all her energy and wanted to air her grievances all at once.

Looking at her attitude, it seemed like she did not want to continue living with Han Dongping anymore.

“Both of them are more capable than you. What right do you have to make decisions for them? Just because you gave life to them?” Lin Liye took a deep breath. “It’s fine if you are not capable, but you can’t even tell that you’re incapable. This is why you are so stupid!”

Lin Liye really went all out this time and did not hold back her words.

In the past, she would always carefully coax Han Dongping. Now that her attitude had suddenly changed, even Han Dongping could not get used to it.

“So you actually despise me so much.” Han Dongping pointed angrily at Lin Liye. “You’re really rebelling now. Since you despise me so much, why are you still with me?!”

“Wow, I actually don’t want to see this face of yours!” Lin Liye went to the bedroom and put on a coat. “I don’t have time to pack my luggage today, so I won’t pack. I’ll send someone to take my things next time.”

Han Dongping was stunned. He sized up Lin Liye and realized that she was not just scaring him.

She would really rather not pack her luggage and leave just like that.

“You don’t want to live with me anymore?” Han Dongping was utterly stunned and furious.

Lin Liye laughed mockingly. “I won’t divorce you. I still have to hold on to this position and not let another woman come and use her status as stepmother to boss around my sons. I’m not doing it for anything else. I still have to be First Madam Han, simply for my two sons, for Old Mrs. Han, and for Shen Nuo as a fellow wife in the Han Family. It’s not because of you, and definitely not because of the Han Family’s power.”

Han Zhuoling coldly said, “After this incident, Dad, you better open your eyes and see more clearly. However, as for my and Zhuofeng’s affairs, you don’t need to worry anymore.”

“You’re spouting nonsense just like your mom!” Han Dongping shouted.

“It’s not nonsense. I just don’t dare to let you stir trouble in our lives,” Han Zhuoling replied coldly.

He said to Lin Liye, “I just bought a house in B City. It’s just been renovated so it’s ready for moving in. Mom, why don’t you stay there first?”

“No need.” Lin Liye’s maternal family was not an average household either. Lin Liye had her own assets as well. “I have property in B City, I can move in there directly. You can stay in your own house. If you have space, let your younger brother stay there as well so you can take care of him.”

Han Zhuoling laughed. “The villa I bought is large enough for both of you to move in. I’m usually busy with work, I might not be able to take care of him. I think you better take care of us personally. Anyway, I’m single now. There’s no point in me staying in such a big house. Both of us still need you to take care of us.”

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