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(Attack on All Fronts)

Han Zhuofeng hugged Lin Liye around the shoulder and said, “Mom, Big Brother and I are already grown up. With two grown men like us around, you don’t have to worry.”

Lin Liye sniffled. She patted Han Zhuofeng’s hand and said, “Alright, I know.”

Old Mr. Han’s orders having been given, Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling went to carry them out together.

Previously, Han Zhuoling had stayed in Europe to oversee and expand the Han Family’s sphere of influence and power.

Although he was not in the country, both of them had great chemistry working together.

Whatever Han Zhuoli did on his end, Han Zhuoling would cooperate with accordingly on his end. This spared Han Zhuoli of any lingering worries.

Now that Han Zhuoling was back, both of them had even more chemistry working together with redoubled power.

The various branches of the Han Family in various locations all received the clan order.

In T City.

In the Han Family Clan Group.

The First Elder stood up and said, “Go. Investigate the situation of the Xia Family in T City carefully.”

Z City.

In the Han Family Clan Group.

The Third Elder said, “Does the Xia Family not have any assets in Z City?”


“Contact G City. We will join hands to uproot the Xia Family from G City! Whatever the clan group in G City needs, we will provide with full support on our side!”

The same situation played out in various other locations.

All the branches of the Han Family across the country were mobilized.

That same afternoon, Han Zhuoling let his lawyer announce the divorce statement.

Of course, the exact reason was not stated.

However, Han Zhuoling did not even want his son. This was more than enough to answer many doubts.

Of course, this would inevitably invite lame, malicious gossip.

The moment the divorce statement was released, Xia Zhancheng suddenly received a call.

The Xia Family’s mega-malls in various locales suddenly had their supply chains cut off.

Numerous brands wanted to pull their products off the shelves.

Some of the malls had cinemas owned by the Han Corporation. All of them announced their closure.

More than half of the hotels were closed down, and the supermarkets that were operating in these malls closed down as well!

At the same time, the Han Corporation released a public statement online that it will pull out fully from all the malls under the Xia Family Organization.

“CEO!” Xia Zhancheng received a call from the General Manager. “Ever since the Han Corporation’s cinemas closed down, the human traffic in our malls have been reduced by half. The physical stores of the malls have long had their revenues cut largely because of the sales from their online shops, so the malls now largely rely on the cinemas and hotels to attract customers. But now, not only the cinemas, even half of the hotels have closed down. At this rate, we will…”

Why would we still open the malls?

They could all close down now!

“Which of the malls are affected?” Xia Zhancheng asked in a solemn voice.

“It’s not which, it’s all of them. No matter which city, every mall that belongs to the Xia Family across various locations have all met with the same situation,” the General Manager said anxiously.

“That’s impossible!” Xia Zhancheng was in disbelief. “They could not have acted so fast. The impact cannot be so huge either!”

To do this, the losses of the Han Family would by no means be any less than that of the Xia Family.

That was an astronomical figure impossible to determine.

It would be too difficult for even the Hans to do this!

“It’s true,” the General Manager said. “On my end, my assistant’s number has already gone bust from all the calls he is getting. It’s all the various people in charge of the different locations calling in to report the situation. The Han Family has gone crazy.”

The Hans not only withdrew on its own. It also mobilized its connections and asked other businesses to pull out as well.

Aside from the special relations with the eight great families, the Hans would naturally have to compensate for the losses of the other businesses that moved out.

Not only that, the thing that astounded Xia Zhancheng the most was this: the Han Family’s actions were too fast!

How on earth did they do it? Within a span of a few hours, they managed to attack the Xia Family on all fronts!

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