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(Should Be Back by Now)

“Previously, it was our school that had the good fortune to have Master Wang’s wife teach here; we didn’t know of her identity then. Now that everyone knows who she is, how can our school stand a chance? It’s her turn to pick and choose which school she wants to go to now. Whether she’s willing to come back and teach or not is all up to Ms. Xia. How is it up to us to decide whether or not she can come back?

“We do want her to come back, though. I don’t want to hide it from everyone. Our Principal had already asked me to contact Ms. Xia at the first instance. However, Ms. Xia clearly stated that she’s not coming back.” Director Sun had his own grievances towards these parents as well. “If not for the previous incident, Ms. Xia would have continued to teach here. Given her personality, she’s definitely not the kind who will quit after she becomes famous. On the contrary, she would have continued to teach here and impart all her skills to her students. Who knows, she might even have invited Mr. Wang to come and teach for one class.

“But now, it’s Ms. Xia whose heart has been hurt first and who’s been wronged. Now that the misunderstanding has been cleared up and her status has been made clear, she isn’t someone our humble school can accept.” Director Sun continued, “I’m sorry, everyone. I have already contacted Ms. Xia, but she’s not coming back. There are some things that, once missed, will just be gone.”

The parents still could not take it lying down and continued to stay there to plead with her, but Director Sun could not be bothered with them anymore.

Xia Qingwei was no longer under their control now, and they had no right to interfere with Xia Qingwei’s choice.

There was no use even if these parents stayed here to kick up a fuss.

They were the ones who insisted on chasing her away. They should live with that regret now.

At that moment, the principal came to the office. “Director Sun.”

When the parents saw the principal, it was as if they had met their savior. Their faces all lifted with hope as they greeted, “Principal!”

“The Principal is here!”

“Principal, please persuade Ms. Xia to come back and teach.”

“Yeah, our children are all hoping that Ms. Xia can come back. They all really like Ms. Xia.”

“Ms. Xia was a teacher in this school to begin with. She should have come back by now.”

Director Sun scoffed in her heart. When they were chasing Ms. Xia away, no matter how much their children did not want her to leave, they still dragged their children away and forbade them from going after Ms. Xia to ask her to stay.

Now that they knew of her status, they ran back saying that their children could not bear to leave Ms. Xia.

Where’s the shame?

Director Sun kept a stiff face and did not speak. The Principal said, “I’ve already asked Director Sun to contact Ms. Xia.”

One of the parents there quickly said, “But just now, Director Sun said that Ms. Xia rejected him. Principal, can you talk to Ms. Xia again, please?”

“Director Sun?” The Principal looked at Director Sun.

Director Sun gave him a complicated look. “Principal, I really had no choice. When Ms. Xia was being chased out back then, things were really ugly. I really asked her with no shame this time, but she immediately rejected the offer. I also had no choice.”

“Then I will go and look for her personally,” the Principal said.

Compared to the benefits it would bring to the school if he asked Xia Qingwei to come back, lowering his pride to beg someone was nothing at all.

The moment the Principal said that, one of the teachers in the same office said, “Principal, Director Sun, and parents, Ms. Xia just posted on Weibo. She publicly announced that she will not be teaching at any schools anymore.”

Director Sun nodded. “I can understand. Ms. Xia hid her identity to come and teach. Now that everyone knows her husband is Wang Juhuai, it won’t be suitable for her to go to any school.”

She was not a fool. Why would she go and teach if she knew she would be used by the school?

The Principal’s face immediately sank. The teacher that saw the Weibo post suddenly exclaimed, “Oh my god!”


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