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(What Kind of People He Picked)

Xia Yixin’s mind was in a mess.

Her heart was filled with hatred for Lu Man.

Yet at the same time, Xia Yixin’s heart was also filled with fear and worry for the future.

This matter had been discovered and it was Lu Man who’d discovered it.

Han Zhuoli already knew about it, and she and Chen Zefeng were now caught by Han Zhuoli’s men. It was impossible for Han Zhuoli to keep this matter from Han Zhuoling.

If Han Zhuoling found out, she did not want to think about what was awaiting her.

A divorce would happen for sure. Han Zhuoling would never forgive her.

Han Zhuoling did not love her anyway!

Xia Yixin’s only hope now was Han Linkai. At least they still did not know about Han Linkai’s identity.

As long as he treated him like a child of the Han Family, she still had benefits to reap!

However, Xia Yixin’s mind was in a mess right now, filled with thoughts about all sorts of possibilities and endings. In the end, she could not come up with any plausible idea of an ending and her mind was about to explode thinking of all this.

In the end, she was shoved into the car together with Chen Zefeng by Xiao Guo and Xiao Chen.

Seeing the hate in Xia Yixin’s eyes, Lu Man asked Han Zhuoli, “Where are we bringing them?”

“To see Big Brother,” Han Zhuoli said. “Zhuofeng and I have already taken samples of Han Linkai and Big Brother’s DNA for an identification test. The results would only be out in two days. I wanted to wait until the results were out before saying anything. Before this, we only suspected it and did not dare to confirm anything because we did not want to wrong her. What if Han Linkai was really the exception in the Han Family? Hence, we decided to keep this from Big Brother first and not tell him.

“But now, we directly caught Xia Yixin and her lover. With your pictures as evidence, we don’t have to worry about Han Linkai first and wait for the results. However, as for Xia Yixin, we cannot let her continue staying in the Han Family.” Han Zhuoli explained his plans to Lu Man. “We don’t have to tell the elders for now. I’ll call Zhuofeng and Big Brother over first and settle this matter.”

Han Zhuoli held Lu Man’s hand and said, “I’ll send you home. You should stay out of this now.”

Han Zhuoling would not blame Lu Man for this, but Han Zhuoling was still not familiar with Lu Man. With Lu Man around, he did not know if Han Zhuoling would feel even more emotionally attacked.

For Lu Man’s own sake, it was better for him not to get her involved.

Lu Man nodded obediently. After an intense car chase, she really did not have any more energy left.

Han Zhuoli drove her home first.

On the way there, he called Han Zhuofeng and Han Zhuoling.

After hearing what he said, Han Zhuoling was very calm. He was not angry nor shocked, as if this did not concern him at all.

“Just bring her back home to my parents’ house,” Han Zhuoling said calmly.

“Is that appropriate?” Han Zhuoli did not expect Han Zhuoling to be so direct. “I am afraid this would be too much of a shock to the elders, so I was thinking we could settle this privately by ourselves.”

“My mom is strong; she should be able to take it,” Han Zhuoling said. “As for my dad…”

Han Zhuoling laughed scornfully. “Xia Yixin was the person he picked in the first place. It would be good to let him have a look and see exactly what kind of people he picked. Dai Yiran was such, and so is Xia Yixin.”

Although he was in Europe previously, Han Zhuoling had also heard of Dai Yiran.


These were the kind of women Han Dongping had picked.

Han Dongping had reason to pick his wife.

But why did he pick one for Han Zhuoli?

It would be good to use this chance to give a tight slap to Han Dongping’s face and let him have a good look at what kind of taste he had in judging people!

Although Han Zhuoling did not think that Han Dongping would doubt his own judgment because of this, he still would not let this chance go.

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