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(Don’t Hide Behind Your Daughter!)

Han Zhuoli laughed. “Then let’s go back first to take a look.”

Han Zhuoli turned the steering wheel to change lanes.

Both of them went to Yi Garden.

When both of them reached home, Lu Man just pressed her fingerprint to unlock the door as they had already switched to a fingerprint biometric lock.

The moment they stepped in, they heard Xia Qingwei saying in anger, “Wang Juhuai, you’re not doing this for my own good! You’re disrespecting me! You made a promise to me but you’re actually lying!”

Lu Man was stunned. She had rarely seen Xia Qingwei so angry before.

In her memory, whenever she had been this angry, it was all because Lu Qiyuan wanted to hurt Lu Man. That was why Xia Qingwei would get so angry.

Lu Man’s heart subconsciously jumped as well. Could it be that Wang Juhuai really did something to let Xia Qingwei down?

If it was not that, Xia Qingwei would not have said that Wang Juhuai lied to her.

“No, I’m worried about your health.” Wang Juhuai’s voice could also be heard, and he had no temper in him at all.

No matter how angry Xia Qingwei was, Wang Juhuai did not get angry and just kept coaxing her in a gentle voice.

“I know my own body best! I know I’m fine already!” Xia Qingwei was angered beyond words.

Given Wang Juhuai’s temper, no matter what she said, he would not get angry, but he would not listen to her either.

It was like boxing a cotton candy, exceptionally useless.

“Qingwei, I really don’t want to take any risks. I cannot imagine, if you really… and it’s because of me,” Wang Juhuai said.

“How is it taking a risk? We even went to the hospital to check, the doctor said I’m fine too!” Xia Qingwei retorted angrily. “And this is not what I’m angry about. I’m angry that you clearly promised me, yet you took matters into your own hands and decided to continue lying to me! Wang Juhuai! You promised me that you won’t ever lie to me! If you don’t want to, don’t promise me anything!”

Lu Man got even more confused the more she heard. She glanced at Han Zhuoli and walked into the living room with him.

“Dad, Mom,” Lu Man greeted.

“Man Man!” Wang Juhuai finally heaved a sigh of relief. Seeing Lu Man was like seeing his life savior. He immediately ran over and actually hid behind Lu Man.

Han Zhuoli: “…”

He really felt like pushing Wang Juhuai out.

He was already so old—why was he trying to be cute?

Lu Man: “…”

She never expected that Wang Juhuai could have such a playful side to him.

Hearing Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei’s words, although Lu Man could not tell what exactly happened, at least she could tell that it was not something morally wrong.

Wang Juhuai did not do anything to let Xia Qingwei down.

Or else, Wang Juhuai would not have dared to seek her help either.

Given how Wang Juhuai was like, if he really let Xia Qingwei down, he would not have the gall to face her.

As long as that was the case, Lu Man felt that there would not be any issues.

Her raised heart rate that accompanied her here could finally be put at ease. Xia Qingwei glared at Wang Juhuai and said, “Don’t hide behind your daughter!”

Even if Xia Qingwei was quarreling with Wang Juhuai, upon hearing these words, Lu Man still could not help laughing.

These were words that only family would say to each other.

“Didn’t I tell you not to come?” Xia Qingwei said to Lu Man.

“You both are quarreling so badly, how can I not come?” Lu Man did not step away righteously and continued letting Wang Juhuai hide behind her.

In contrast, Han Zhuoli was feeling extremely uncomfortable. He glanced sideways at Wang Juhuai before starting to inch behind Lu Man.

Whenever he took a step towards Wang Juhuai, Wang Juhuai would subconsciously move one step away to the side.

Han Zhuoli continued to move towards him step by step and Wang Juhuai continued to step aside.

Lu Man was so skinny, so within two steps, he managed to squeeze Wang Juhuai out.

When Wang Juhuai reacted, the person behind Lu Man had already changed to Han Zhuoli.



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