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(To Leave or Not?)

Shi Xiaoya threw her head up in awkwardness.

Although her family background was not comparable to the status of the Han Family, she also had some remarkable seniors and brothers in her family. Yet, she had never seen anyone with an aura as scary as Han Zhuoling’s.

The moment his gaze landed briefly on her, she got so nervous that she did not even dare to breathe loudly.

How embarrassing!

“Big Brother, what happened to your face?” Han Zhuoli pointed to his own cheek, at the same position where Han Zhuoling’s wound was.

The moment he mentioned that, Han Zhuoling’s face turned even darker.

He briefly glanced at Shi Xiaoya. Shi Xiaoya immediately said, “I’ll go out first, you can call me back once you all are done talking.”

Right after she said that and took a step out, Han Zhuoling said, “Xia Yixin scratched me.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Couldn’t he wait for her to leave before saying that?!

If he did not mind her listening, what did he give her that look for?

It made her feel so awkward now. Was she supposed to leave or not?

“Xia Yixin went to find you?” Han Zhuoli frowned.

“She blocked me at the company’s entrance.” Han Zhuoling pursed his lips before saying, “I pressured the Xia Family too tightly. At first, Xia Zhancheng still agreed to support Xia Yixin, but he seemed to have completely changed his mind now. The Xia Family is having a tough time now, so Xia Yixin came to beg me, but to no avail. Then she resorted to scratching me.”

“No one stopped her? What are they all doing?!” Han Zhuoli said unhappily.

“No one expected it.” Han Zhuoling covered the small fingernail scratch on his cheek. “I can’t possibly attend the film festival with a wound.”

This was the first important public event that Han Zhuoling would be attending after he came back.

They also intended to use this chance to announce that Han Zhuoling had returned and would officially be in charge of the Han Corporation’s overseas expansion and development.

Given how long Han Zhuoling had been in Europe, the people in the country might have forgotten who he was already, so doing this was a must.

“Where’s the makeup artist?” Han Zhuoling asked.

“…” Han Zhuoli turned to look at Shi Xiaoya and said, “It’s her, Shi Xiaoya.”

Han Zhuoling turned and saw Shi Xiaoya, who was still facing the door, and thought to himself that he would have fired such a dumb employee if she worked under him.

“Where should I sit?” Han Zhuoling asked.

Shi Xiaoya took a while before she realized the question was directed at her. She immediately pointed to where Lu Man had just sat and said, “You can just sit here, or you can sit wherever you like. It’s fine.”

Han Zhuoling pursed his lips before sitting down. “Just conceal this part, don’t touch the rest.”

Han Zhuoling still felt that a man of his age putting on foundation and drawing his eyebrows was a little too much.

Shi Xiaoya observed for a moment before she said, “It’s better to slightly touch up the surrounding areas or else there would be two different shades.”

Han Zhuoling said resignedly, “Then you can do as you deem fit.”

Luckily, that scratch made by Xia Yixin was not deep. If it was, Shi Xiaoya would not dare to use foundation to cover Han Zhuoling’s face.

Xia Yixin’s scratch mark was a little red with a hint of blood on it.

Shi Xiaoya lowered her head, and her face inevitably came close to Han Zhuoling’s face.

On closer look, his stern features made one even more nervous.

Green dots from his stubble could be faintly seen. As for the other areas, his skin was especially smooth.

There was also a hint of aftershave scent around his lips.

Shi Xiaoya’s ears felt a little hot. She composed herself and focused on concealing Han Zhuoling’s wound. Her fingertips would occasionally touch his face to blend the makeup.

Han Zhuoling’s face did not move. He only glanced at Shi Xiaoya with his peripheral vision.

As they were close to each other, he found that the scent on her body smelled exceptionally fresh.

And her breathing, which lightly caressed his face…



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