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(Lu Man Took Out Her Phone, Zoomed in the Camera, and Took as Many Pictures as She Could)

“Yeah, I just went to watch a movie with Zheng Yuan and the girls,” Lu Man said. “Why?”

“Nothing much. Just wanted to tell you that I’m working overtime tonight and will come back a little later. Don’t wait for me to have dinner,” Han Zhuoli said.

“Oh.” Although Han Zhuoli was busy recently, he always came home for dinner. Now that he suddenly said he was not coming home for dinner, it sounded a little strange.

“Even if you want to stay in the company to work overtime, you should remember to have dinner. Don’t you forget it when you get busy,” Lu Man reminded him.

Han Zhuoli’s chuckle could be heard over the phone. “I’ve already asked Zheng Tianming to order takeouts. Don’t worry, it’s healthy food.”

“That’s good, then,” Lu Man said. “Come back soon.”


After Lu Man ended the call, Zheng Yuan and the girls stared at her enviously. “Young Master Han even calls you to tell you whether he’s coming home at night?”

“Isn’t this very normal? Don’t married couples do that usually?” Lu Man always thought that this was a very normal thing to do. Was it not?

Pan Xue sputtered out in laughter. “How would we know! Who would get married so early like you!”

Lu Man: “…”

Han Leilei said, “But we also feel that it would be normal for average married couples. However, your husband is Young Master Han! Yet both of you behave like a normal married couple and talk about normal topics like these.”

“If not these, what else are we supposed to talk about?” Lu Man laughed and said, “Even if he is Young Master Han, he is also my husband. As long as we are husband and wife, there would be no difference. This is how everyone lives.”

Lu Man thought about it and said, “Let’s not talk about this. Anyway, since he’s working overtime tonight, let me treat you all to dinner to thank you for treating me to the movie.”

“Yay, great! It’s rare that we get to be treated by a rich young lady like you,” Pan Xue said with a laugh.

Lu Man was truly a rich young lady now, not because of Han Zhuoli, but because of her own films and activities, which had earned her a handsome income.

This mall was pretty famous and had many popular restaurants in it.

Hence, they casually picked one restaurant and the three of them went in to eat.

After they were done eating, Xiao Guo came over to fetch them. Lu Man sent off Zheng Yuan and the girls first before letting Xiao Guo drive her home.

Lu Man would look out of the window when she had nothing to do. Right at that moment, the car passed by an average-looking chain hotel by the roadside.

She saw a man and a woman walking out of the hotel.

The woman actually looked a lot like Xia Yixin!

Lu Man did not have time to think and asked Xiao Guo to stop the car first. “Xiao Guo, stop the car! Stop the car!”

Whether it was Xia Yixin or not, she could think about it after the car was stopped.

It was better to be safe than sorry.

Lu Man did not dare to confirm, not because she saw Xia Yixin together with a man.

It was because this hotel was not eye-catching at all.

A 300 or 400 yuan a night chain hotel would probably not look like a place that Xia Yixin would step foot into.

Lu Man took out her phone, zoomed in the camera, and took as many photos as she could.

The more she looked at it, the more she was convinced that it was Xia Yixin!

However, the man beside Xia Yixin was not Han Zhuoling.

The man beside Xia Yixin held on to Xia Yixin’s elbow, as if the two of them were talking about something and seemed to have a close relationship.

Of course, Lu Man could not hear what they were saying.

That man had his arm wrapped over Xia Yixin’s shoulder, and he suddenly gave her a kiss on her cheek.

Xia Yixin did not reject it, and her face was all smiles as she was being coy with him.

“It’s hard on you tonight, you even had to come to this shabby hotel,” Chen Zefeng whispered in Xia Yixin’s ear.

“It’s nothing. I was the one who suggested this anyway.” Xia Yixin smiled coquettishly. “The people in my social circle all frequent those five-star hotels. If we went to those places, the chances that we’ll meet someone I know will be too high. We might as well come here. They would surely not come to this place.”



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