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(Don’t Even Dream of Negotiating Terms)

No matter how tight the Han Family kept this under wraps, there would always be someone who would know the insider story.

How could there be any real secrets, especially for people within their social circle?

There would surely be someone who would know why she got divorced.

If they found out that she made a cuckold of her husband and that even her child was not her husband’s, who else would dare to marry her?

It would actually be very difficult for her to find someone else.

Perhaps there would be someone, but that person would surely not be as outstanding as Han Zhuoling.

Xia Yixin was really regretting it now.

Thinking of her life ahead made her realize how blissful her life had been before.

A man like Han Zhuoling was really hard to find.

It was really her luck that she managed to marry Han Zhuoling.

But now, everything was over.

Xia Yixin thought about all these as she listened to the conditions Han Zhuoling listed out to his lawyer.

Han Zhuoling really did not have a single bit of feelings for her. He actually did not leave a single benefit for her at all.

He was making her leave empty-handed, and she would have nothing to do with the Han Family in the future either.

There were even conditions like how she could not consider herself as Han Zhuoling’s ex-wife.

Actually, this was Han Zhuoling trying to guard against the Xia Family.

Even if they divorced, they had still been in-laws once, so there could still be some ties of kinship left.

They could still continue to use the Han Family’s name to their benefit. Such a possibility was 100% possible.

Hence, Han Zhuoling did not want to leave a single chance to the Xia Family and Xia Yixin.

Xia Yixin still tried to struggle, so Han Zhuoli said, “If you obediently sign the agreement now, nothing would happen. If you do not, even without the Han Family settling scores with you, your maternal family will be the first to end your life.”

Xia Yixin trembled. Han Zhuoli was not very direct about it, but she actually understood his words miraculously well.

If she did not sign the agreement, the Han Family would surely not let her or the Xia Family off.

The Han Family might not directly deal with a woman like her. They might probably go and deal with the Xia Family instead.

And all of these were because of her.

Why would the Xia Family spare her?

Even without the Han Family doing anything, she would be severely punished by her own maternal family. She did not know what kind of life she would lead going forward.

Xia Yixin trembled. She finally stifled the words that she was about to say.

The lawyer filled in all the conditions that Han Zhuoling requested.

He then did the final checks and edits before confirming that there was no error.

Han Zhuoling’s intent was that no matter how long he needed, even if he needed to spend the night there, he would still want the divorce agreement to be done on the spot.

How could the lawyer dare to drag his heels over it? He scrutinized each word carefully until his eyes became bloodshot before he finally completed the divorce agreement. He immediately went to the study to print out two copies of it.

He passed the freshly-printed divorce agreement to Han Zhuoling. Han Zhuoling signed on it without hesitating at all.

Afterward, Han Zhuoling threw the pen in front of Xia Yixin and said, “Sign it.”

Han Zhuofeng untied the rope around Xia Yixin’s wrists. “Quickly, sign it!”

Given the Han Family’s power, could Xia Yixin not sign it?

However, she clearly heard all the terms and conditions that Han Zhuoling had listed out in this divorce agreement just now. She would not get anything at all.

“If you don’t sign it, we will press your thumbprint on it.” Han Zhuoling placed his phone on the table and found the phone number of Xia Yixin’s father, Xia Zhancheng, and said, “Meanwhile, I should also have a good chat with Xia Zhancheng.”

“Wait!” Xia Yixin panicked and wanted to stop Han Zhuoling. “Don’t call! I can sign it, but you cannot reveal the real reason for my divorce to my family!”

“Even at this juncture, you still want to negotiate the terms?” Han Zhuofeng was so angry that he started laughing.

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