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No matter what the opinion of the Han Family was, Xia Zhancheng had to prepare himself for the worst outcome.

How would he dare to bet on the Han Family’s attitude?

And to use the entire Xia Family as the bet!

The more he thought about this, the angrier he felt while looking at Xia Yixin.

He paid a huge price to marry her into the Han Family.

But what did she do? Not only did she not bring any advantages to the Xia Family, but she even created such huge trouble!

Xia Zhancheng felt increasingly disgruntled as the thoughts raced through his mind. He raised his leg to strike her on the shoulder again.

The helper carried Chen Linkai over.

Chen Linkai, awaken by the commotion earlier on, was crying from fear.

“Give him to this man!” Xia Zhancheng ordered.

The helper dared not hesitate and hurriedly pressed Chen Linkai into Chen Zefeng’s arms.

“I don’t want it!” Chen Zefeng said instantly. “I don’t want this kid!”

He never once considered marrying Xia Yixin when he was with her.

He was with her only because she had a husband.

Xia Yixin would never divorce Han Zhuoling, and he would not need to take responsibility for her. This way, he could continue his Casanova ways without any stress.

Even if Xia Yixin bore a child, there was someone else to help him raise the kid.

How great was that?

But now that Xia Yixin was divorced, he was beginning to reconsider if he should continue this affair with her.

Having regained her single status, she might want to get into a serious relationship with him.

But he didn’t want that, let alone claiming the boy as his son.

“I’ll never raise this child!” Chen Zefeng said. “This is no child of mine!”

“He’s your son!” Xia Yixin looked disbelievingly at Chen Zefeng.

She bore him a son and got kicked out of the Han Family because of him.

But now, he was refusing to acknowledge his son!

“You insisted on having him.” Chen Zefeng had now dropped all the pretense of being inseparable from and loving Xia Yixin, eager to dispel any relationship between them. “Since you wanted this child, then you should raise him yourself. I’ve never wanted it.”

Xia Zhancheng sneered, pointing at Chen Zefeng. “Look, this is the man you chose to betray Han Zhuoling for.

“You think I didn’t know? That you always complained to your mom that Han Zhuoling only knows how to work and doesn’t understand romance? But he works hard so that he could provide you with a comfortable, stable, and lavish lifestyle. He’s responsible enough to bear the cost of everything that you wanted. It’s because you’re with him and were having too comfortable a life that you forgot who gave you that in the first place. And you just had to fall for this type of trash, unwilling to even claim the son you bore for him, unwilling to bear any responsibility. I think when he steps out of this house today, he’ll deny having any relations with you.”

Xia Yixin burst into a loud wail.

She’s truly regretting it now.

She actually never wanted any real relationship with Chen Zefeng.

Having an affair was just her seeking a thrill to spice up her otherwise boring life.

When she was pregnant with Chen Linkai, even she did not know whose child it was, and she could not confirm it.

She even harbored the hope that maybe the kid could be Han Zhuoling’s.

But she knew she was done for after the child was born.

He was Chen Zefeng’s.

But the child was already born, and it was too late for regrets. She could only conceal the child’s true identity with the utmost effort.

Who knew it would still be ruined by Lu Man?

Xia Yixin hated her from the bottom of her heart.

If it wasn’t for Lu Man, she would still be the Young Madam of the Han Family!

Lu Man should have just minded her own business after marrying Han Zhuoli.



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