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(Best Newcomer Award)

They were very annoyed with the Han Corporation’s cinema chain for monopolizing the entire film industry.

From the artistes to the production and distribution of films and television dramas, to their powerful cinema operators, the Han Corporation had a series of long and winding industrial chains—which was really annoying.

However, their rationality was telling them that no matter how annoying they were, they were undoubtedly no match for the Hans.

So there was no point in intentionally getting involved in a messy situation like this.

Hence, these three operators all rejected Xia Zhancheng in unison.

Aside from these three operators, there were other smaller operators who would all the more not dare to agree.

Hence, the Xia Family was left only with those few malls that had not a single cinema in them.

This greatly reduced their customer traffic.

Customers would go and watch a movie, and after watching a movie, they would have a meal in the mall, forming a cycle.

Now that there was no place to watch a movie, even the business of the restaurants in the malls were severely affected.

As the number of customers in the malls dwindled, it became even harder to sustain the business.

The worst phase after the Han Family sent out their clan order had already passed.

Now, the Han Family’s branches retracted their hands again and returned to assume their silence, as if they had never appeared before.

What was left was just to wait and watch the Xia Family die a slow and painful death.


After half a month, the impact of Han Zhuoling’s divorce was also slowly fading away.

Everyone’s attention was turned to when the Xia Family would be finished.

At the same time, they had also been scared out of their wits by the Han Family’s magnificent move this time.

The people who had once gotten on the bad side of the Hans all patted their chests and were secretly relieved that the Hans did not stoop to their level to pick on them.

With this move, although the Han Family had to pay a sizeable price, the result they got far exceeded what they had to pay for it.

Today, Lu Man received a call from the organizers of the Fei Yue International Film Festival.

They informed her that she had been nominated for the Best Newcomer Award and asked her if she had the time and can attend the awards ceremony.

“Yes, I can,” Lu Man replied.

Hence, the other party told her the exact date and time, as well as the things to prepare and take note of.

Lu Man noted them down one by one.

When she returned home and told Han Zhuoli about this, she coincidentally got a call from Yan Zhiqing.

“Zhiqing.” Lu Man did not expect to receive a call from her. “I haven’t gotten the chance to thank you for Liang Chengbing’s matter yet.”

“What would you thank me for? Don’t need to be so polite, we all know each other.” Yan Zhiqing’s voice was crisp and clear and she sounded very forthcoming.

“I called you to tell you this. Didn’t you want to participate in the film festival? If there are no hiccups along the way, the Best Newcomer Award should be yours,” Yan Zhiqing said. “Didn’t the organizers contact you before? The silent acknowledgment for this kind of awards ceremony is that the artistes that show up will get an award. If you don’t show up, then the award that is supposed to go to you will go to the next person in line. Since you’re attending, then the award should be yours this time. This was what we judges have decided on.”

“Is it okay for you to tell me that beforehand?” Lu Man asked.

“It’s fine, just don’t tell other people.” Yan Zhiqing laughed. “However, given your calm temperament, I don’t have to worry about it.

“The organizers must have invited Liang Chengbing this time, but he was not nominated for any award. Be it for Best Director, Best Film, Best Actor, or Best Actress Awards, none of his works were nominated.” Thinking about this vindicated Yan Zhiqing’s anger. “He still thinks he’s so great. What kind of films did he shoot? I thought I would need to use my veto vote. I didn’t expect that his films would all be voted out normally. I’m telling you this, but don’t tell other people. I want to wait and see Liang Chengbing’s reaction on the day of the awards ceremony.”



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