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(Two Kinds of Orders)

Now that Lu Man and Han Zhuoli were married, Lu Man would also have to be responsible for some of these as well.

Old Mr. Han explained to Lu Man, “There are two orders. One is the House Order, and the other is the Clan Order. The House Order can control all the manpower in the Han Family, including all the private soldiers and servants. It can also chase anyone out of the family.”

Han Dongping did not know what Old Mr. Han was thinking. When he said this, he actually threw a glance at him!

What was that glance for?!

“As long as the House Order is shown, everyone in the Han Family has to obey any kind of manpower change in the family,” Old Mr. Han explained. “As for the Clan Order, it is not something that can be casually laid out.”

Lu Man could tell that the moment Old Mr. Han said “Clan Order,” everyone’s expression changed. They became unusually serious.

“Once the Clan Order is laid down, it means that we will use the power of the whole clan. Without caring about the consequences, no matter how tough this battle will be, no matter what impact it would bring to the family after it ends, we will have to use the strength of our whole clan to defeat the opponent!” Old Mr. Han said. Suddenly, his aura became very imposing.

“The House Order and the Clan Order are controlled by the head of the family, and they can also be issued by the next heir with the approval of the current head of the family. Clan Orders, however, are much more important than House Orders.”

The head of a clan was certainly much more important than the head of a family.

“When Old Mr. Han was young, he once used the clan order. It was to use the whole power of the clan to support the war back then,” Han Zhuoli quietly explained to Lu Man. “Once the clan order is out, it means that the Han Family is really furious.”

Actually, even Old Mrs. Han did not expect Old Mr. Han to activate a clan order.

“Alright.” Han Zhuoli nodded in agreement.

As the current head of the family, Han Xijin agreed as well. “If we don’t do this, they will think our family can be easily humiliated by others.”

Lin Liye was so touched that her throat swelled a little. She never expected that the two elders would be so angry for Han Zhuoling that they’d treat the matter so seriously, to the extent that they’d execute a clan order.

It was precisely because they could not let Han Zhuoling be taken lightly that they had to use the power of the whole clan to deal with the Xias.

They wanted to let everyone know that the Hans were not people who could be easily humiliated.

At first, she was still worried that even if Han Zhuoling did not mind, once the news of their divorce got out, Han Zhuoling might still be mocked by other people.

His own wife made him a cuckold and the child she bore was not even his.

Her son was so outstanding—why would he have to be mocked like that?!

However, things would be different with this clan order. This would fully display the Han Family’s stance on the matter.

Who would dare to mock Han Zhuoling then?

She wondered if Old Mr. Han had thought of this when making this decision.

Lin Liye really felt immensely grateful from the bottom of her heart.

Han Xijin and Shen Nuo did not have any objections, seeing how supportive everyone was being.

It was as if they thought that activating the clan order was something that ought to be done and never felt that it was too much of an effort or making things out to be too serious.

The people in the Han Family had always been like this. For their family, they would never give in and would do anything.

This was also why, even though she could no longer stand Han Dongping since a long time ago, she still chose to stay in the Han Family.

She could bear to leave Han Dongping, but she could not bear to leave the two elders who were so protective of their descendants, and she could not bear to leave the other people in the Han Family—apart from Han Dongping.

They were all so united and protective of their family members.

She felt really lucky and assured to be able to become a family with them.

Because she knew that in this family, no matter what happened, there would always be a bunch of reliable family members supporting her and protecting her.

Having been married into the Han Family for decades, she had also been influenced by the atmosphere among them.

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