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(Never Heard of Anyone Who Would Set Up Their Own Son)

Han Zhuoli nodded. “Yeah, but Big Brother will say it.”

Seeing their faces, the two elders could tell that this was not a good thing.

Old Mrs. Han quietly went to bring over the Bezoar Bolus for Resurrection[1]. “Before they say it, take this medicine first.”

Old Mr. Han glanced at her before taking the pill.

Lu Man: “…”

She really admired Old Mrs. Han’s calmness.

Not long after, Han Xijin and Shen Nuo hurriedly arrived.

Unlike the two elders, Han Zhuoling had already briefly explained the situation to Han Xijin when he called him.

Hence, Han Xijin and Shen Nuo knew roughly what had happened.

“Have a seat,” Old Mr. Han said. “Since we’re all here, just say what happened. Don’t need to worry that we won’t be able to take it.”

“I divorced Xia Yixin,” Han Zhuoling said.

Before the two elders could react, he told them the full story from beginning to end.

Old Mrs. Han thought that she had already prepared herself for the worst. When she saw that everyone was here except for Xia Yixin, she had a faint feeling that this matter might have something to do with the woman.

However, she never expected the truth of the situation to be far worse than what she had imagined.

Old Mr. Han really swallowed that bezoar bolus.

Old Mrs. Han thought about it and swallowed one herself too.

“What a fine daughter the Xia Family taught.” Old Mrs. Han glanced coldly at Han Dongping. “She’s also the fine daughter-in-law that a father like you chose. I heard of those who tried to harm their own fathers, brothers, and sisters, or even outsiders. I just haven’t heard of anyone who would harm his own son.”

Old Mr. Han laughed sarcastically. “Han Dongping, you’re really something, huh!”

Han Dongping’s face flushed red. It’s not clear whether it’s because he felt that he had lost face or whether it’s because of the two elders’ scoldings. “Xia Yixin was not like this at first. Who knew she would become like this?!”

“Ah!” Old Mr. Han could not be bothered to waste his breath on him.

No matter how much he said, his words would just fall on deaf ears, so there was no point wasting his breath.

Old Mrs. Han patted her chest. She doted on Chen Linkai as well. She never expected that after doting on him so much, it would turn out that she was actually doting on someone else’s child.

The whole Han Family had been played around with like a fool by Xia Yixin.

“You suffered in this matter,” Old Mrs. Han said to Han Zhuoling in sadness.

This eldest grandson of hers had been working overseas for so many years and had had few occasions to gather with the family.

Now that he’d finally come back and could rest for a bit, he had to meet with such a terrible matter.

Before this, having a wife like Xia Yixin was as good as not having one. Xia Yixin was never by his side to accompany him.

In the end…

How could Old Mrs. Han take it lying down after seeing her proud grandson being humiliated like this?

At that moment, the doorbell rang. Old Butler Wang went to answer the door. When he turned on the video, he saw Xia Zhancheng and Cen Mengqing standing outside the door.

“What business do the two of you have here?” Old Butler Wang certainly did not treat them politely.

Both he and Auntie Sun heard very clearly what Han Zhuoling had just explained.

Xia Zhancheng said humbly, “It’s our unfilial daughter who did such a ridiculous thing. Both of us especially came here to apologize, and we hope that the two elders can see us.”

Old Butler Wang did not reply and went to ask the two elders directly.

“No!” Old Mr. Han replied in a low voice. “They even have the gall to come and apologize? Even if they came to apologize, it’s not because they really feel like they were in the wrong. They are just afraid that we will use the family to take it out on them!”

“Exactly!” Old Mrs. Han nodded as if she knew that clearly well.

In this critical moment, this old man’s thoughts were still on the same wavelength as hers.

“Tell him we won’t see him and that he won’t have to come here anymore. If he does, we can’t promise that the Han Family won’t do anything,” Old Mr. Han said coldly.

[1] A drug used to treat the heat involving the pericardium and the heat of phlegm that’s stagnating the heart.

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