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(Hearing It Makes People Really Angry!)

“Such a huge film festival is afraid of Lu Man?” Liang Chengbing scoffed angrily.

“Yeah, we are really afraid of Lu Man’s capabilities. She doesn’t need to go against the film festival on anything. She just needs to make sure our film festival’s reputation goes down the drain. This is something she will surely be able to do.” Ke Kebo admitted bluntly, “Director Liang, in the official public announcement, we did not state the reason why we changed the judges to save face for you. Just take it as if your credentials are not good enough. If you insist on pursuing the matter, we can then only reveal the true reason to the public.”

Ke Kebo already said as such. What else could Liang Chengbing say?

He could only end the call in anger.


Sun Yiwu and the rest returned to the office of the judges and met Chen Zilong to start work.

Lu Man saw the announcement online regarding the cancelation of Liang Chengbing’s status as a judge and knew that this was the result of Han Zhuoli going to find Ke Kebo yesterday.

She did not know how Han Zhuoli did it. He even managed to interfere with an internationally renowned film festival.

Han Zhuoli’s explanation was this: “The Han Corporation also has investments in this film festival.”

Lu Man: “…”

Then, was there any aspect of the entertainment industry that the Han Corporation was not involved in?

Han Zhuoli thought about it seriously and said, “I don’t think so.”

Lu Man: “…”

Hearing that would make anyone really angry!

But it was really impressive!

As it was Sunday today, both of them did not have much to do, so they went to the family home to visit Han Zhuoli’s grandparents.

The two elderly people had also seen the latest episode of Classic X Files.

The moment Lu Man stepped into the house, Old Mrs. Han immediately raised her thumb at Lu Man and said, “Xiao Wang performed brilliantly this time! With this, I won’t need to ask you how your mother and Xiao Wang are doing again. One look and I can tell that they are doing well.”

Lu Man smiled and nodded. Her eyes were filled with unbridled joy.

Xia Qingwei was doing well now and could spend her life with the love of her life. Lu Man was certainly the one who felt happiest for her.

“Yeah. Their relationship is really good right now. Both of them are so considerate towards each other and think about each other all the time. They haven’t even quarreled with each other until now.” Lu Man was smiling so much that her eyes curved into crescents as well.

Wang Juhuai totally pampered Xia Qingwei like she was a young lady. No wonder Xia Qingwei was looking younger and younger of late.

“I think Xiao Xia and Xiao Wang are in their honeymoon period, so I didn’t ask to see them. Once their honeymoon period is over, I will ask them to come over and have a chat with us,” Old Mrs. Han suggested.

“Sure.” Lu Man nodded and said, “I will let Dad and Mom know when I get back.”

Hearing how naturally Lu Man said the word “Dad,” Old Mr. Han could tell that she was not just pretending to be close to him during the show.

Based on Lu Man’s attitude, he could tell that she really treated Wang Juhuai like her father.

She did not dislike him at all, and one could tell they were close from the way she spoke of him.

“You formally call Juhuai Dad now?” Old Mr. Han asked.

“Yes.” Lu Man smiled warmly. “This was something I did not consider properly, and Dad even had to mention it himself. I’m sure you both are aware of my dad and mom’s situation. That’s why I was afraid that my status would be a thorn in his heart. If he saw me, he might be reminded of his regrets back then and I might become a wall between him and my mother.

“I was the one who was too narrow-minded. My dad is someone with a very generous heart and who’s a very forgiving person. He does not care who my father is. He only recognizes my mother as the woman he loves, and me as the daughter of the woman he loves. Hence, he treats me like I am his biological daughter. No matter what, he will always consider things for me from the point of view of a father.” Lu Man was still very touched when she thought about it now. “He’s such a wonderful parent at home—he is the role model and father figure I had always dreamed for. I am most willing to call him Dad.”



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