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(I’m Not Afraid of You Blowing Things Up)

She made Han Zhuoling suffer such humiliation. Would Han Zhuoling let her off or let off the Xia Family?


She would not get a divorce!

At that moment, the lawyer hurried in.

“Young Master Ling.” The moment he stepped in and saw such a scene, he had indeed got a shock.

“Draft a divorce agreement.” Han Zhuoling gestured towards the sofa with his chin, signaling the lawyer to sit down.

The lawyer took out his laptop.

His laptop had a sample format of a divorce agreement. He just had to edit some of the client’s requests in it.

The lawyer keyed in Han Zhuoling’s requests one by one.

When Han Zhuoling married Xia Yixin, they had signed a prenuptial agreement.

Hence, if they divorced, Xia Yixin would not be able to get a single bit of Han Zhuoling’s money.

When Han Zhuoling said he would give his son to Xia Yixin, the lawyer was stunned for a bit.

Usually, a household like this would want to keep the son.

But Han Zhuoling did not want to.

He had a brazen thought in his mind but did not dare to voice it out.

“I don’t want a divorce!” Xia Yixin screamed. “I disagree, don’t you dare think about it! You want to get a divorce with me? Then I will take this to court! If you are not scared that things will blow up and everyone will know, go on and do it!”

Xia Yixin still had some sense in her, or else she would not have thought of this move, sparing a rat to save the dishes.

Since she did not want a divorce, she did not want to completely fall out with Han Zhuoling.

Hence, at this moment, Xia Yixin still had some sense not to spill out her own affair.

Lest she disgraced Han Zhuoling, which would then really be the point of no return for her.

Han Zhuofeng was mad with rage. “Big Brother, what should we do? I’ve never hit a woman before, but I really feel like beating her up!”

Han Zhuoli pressed on his shoulder and said, “Then you can blow things up. The biggest media outlet here is Nan Yin. Don’t you know the relationship between the Nan and the Han families? If it’s a piece of news that Nan Yin would not publish, do you think the Han family would not also be able to silence the rest of the media outlets? By doing this, you will only be dragging out the divorce. The end result would not change at all.

“Oh—no. It’s not that there will be no change at all to the result.” Han Zhuoli stared coldly at Xia Yixin.

His gaze reminded Xia Yixin of what Han Zhuoling had said to her earlier.

Han Zhuoli stared at her as if he was staring at an ant.

“Your sins will have to be borne by the Xia Family.” Han Zhuoli “tsked” at her. “I just don’t know if the Xia Family will be able to handle it.”

Xia Yixin shuddered.

“Don’t forget. I have evidence of your affair. It is not just the pictures,” Han Zhuoli said.

She had a child. That was the most solid evidence.

“We are not afraid of you blowing things up, but we definitely won’t allow you to stay in the Han Family!” Han Zhuoli said coldly.

Strangely, at this kind of moment, Xia Yixin’s mind suddenly became clearer than ever.

She thoroughly cleared out her thoughts and organized them.

Even if the Han Family was not afraid of her blowing things up, even if she let the whole world know about such a shameful thing, the Han Family would not keep her.

Hence, a divorce was the only way to go.

After her divorce, she could only rely on her maternal family.

After all, she really knew nothing.

She went to top universities and received higher education simply because she wanted that layer of prestige to marry into a better family.

She never wanted to rely on her own education or profession to work.

After graduating, she naturally had no job.

After marrying Han Zhuoling, she could just stay at home and spend Han Zhuoling’s money.

Now she had to go out and find a job?

That was impossible.

She had long forgotten what she had learned in school.

She could only return to the Xia Family and continue to rely on them to feed her.

She had to think of a way to marry another man who could support her.

However, in a situation like this, she would be divorced with a child tagging along with her.

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