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(Turned Cold)

Ke Kebo did not speak a word. His face was somber.

Han Zhuoli was not giving him a choice.

If the films produced by the Han Corporation, as well as the artistes under the company, all pulled out of the film festival, then what would be the point of holding the film festival?

There were not many international films that participated in the film festival to begin with. Most of them were homegrown films. However, if more than half of the industry did not participate, what was the point of the remaining few participating?

In that case, the film festival would have long lost its glamor and prestige, turning into a laughingstock instead!

What’s a film festival that only had a small minority of homegrown films participating in it?

Who would acknowledge the awards that it gave out?

If that were to happen, the film festival would be lifeless.

The second possibility was that Liang Chengbing’s incident would get exposed and the Han Corporation would immediately withdraw. It would even make the Han Corporation seem especially upright and disdainful of partnering with them.

No matter what the situation was, it would just be detrimental to the film festival while leaving the Han Corporation untouched. The Han Corporation might even receive the applause of the public.

Furthermore, Ke Kebo felt that even though Han Zhuoli did not mention it, it did not mean that he would not expose Liang Chengbing.

If Han Zhuoli could personally come and make things so clear to him today, he surely did not intend to keep Liang Chengbing.

If he did not agree to him and Han Zhuoli exposed Liang Chengbing directly, things would play out like in the first scenario.

Ke Kebo thought of all these within a short time.

“Young Master Han, it’s not that I don’t want to kick Liang Chengbing out of the panel of judges. However, the impact would be too great if I do that.” Ke Kebo explained helplessly, “The official publicity channels of the film festival have already publicly announced the list of judges previously. If we announce that we are removing Liang Chengbing now, we would surely have to give everyone an explanation. I’m afraid that this would create a negative impact on the film festival.”

Han Zhuoli tapped his fingertips on the table. “So Mr. Ke agrees that we should remove Liang Chengbing’s status as a judge?”

Ke Kebo said hesitantly, “If it is possible to avoid leaving a bad image on the film festival, if there wasn’t this layer of consideration, I will surely be willing to remove Liang Chengbing’s status as a judge.”

Han Zhuoli nodded. “You have Wei Zilin’s contact. Hire him to handle the public relations of the film festival. I assure you that this matter will not only have no negative impact on the film festival, but it will even give the film festival a good reputation.”

Ke Kebo was shocked. “I am aware of Mr. Wei’s PR capabilities. However, I’m afraid that Lin Yi won’t have time to come and work for us. From what I know, Lin Yi’s schedule is already fully packed until the end of the year.”

Furthermore, Wei Zilin very rarely handled things personally.

He had thought of looking for Lu Man before. However, Lu Man was one of the shortlisted actresses in the film festival’s name list.

To avoid gossip, Ke Kebo had ditched that idea.

Similarly, Han Zhuoli did not introduce Lu Man because of this consideration.

It was fine if people did not know. If they did, Lu Man would be accused by others of exploiting her position for personal gain, even if she got selected fairly.

“I have already given Zilin a heads up,” Han Zhuoli said. “As long as you go and find him, he will accept this case.”

“I understand.” Ke Kebo nodded. “Then from now on, Liang Chengbing will no longer be a judge in the film festival.”

Han Zhuoli smiled in satisfaction and poured a glass of red wine for Ke Kebo. “What do you think about staying here for a meal, Mr. Ke?”

“Hahaha, it is my honor to be able to have a meal with Young Master Han,” Ke Kebo said with a laugh.

He gave Executive Dong a call right in front of Han Zhuoli.

“Brother Ke.” On this side, Executive Dong had immediately picked up the phone when Ke Kebo called.

Executive Dong also felt extremely unsettled when Ke Kebo was suddenly called away by Han Zhuoli.


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