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However, compared to Liang Chengbing, he was still much more relaxed.

Liang Chengbing’s heart was hanging just by a thread and he did not dare to relax at all.

Now that Ke Kebo finally called, Liang Chengbing’s heart immediately leaped up to his throat as he fixed his gaze on Executive Dong.

“Brother Dong,” Ke Kebo said as he smiled. “My apologies, I think I might have to chat for quite a while with Young Master Han. You guys can go ahead and eat. Don’t wait for me. When you’re done, you both can go back first and get on with what you have to do.”

Executive Dong knew something was not right when he heard that. They had not even talked about anything here and Ke Kebo just asked them to go back.

Who knew what Han Zhuoli had said to him on the other side?

“Brother Ke, Director Liang has important things to discuss with you today as well,” Executive Dong immediately said. “You can carry on on your side and talk to Young Master Han about whatever you need to discuss. You don’t need to worry about us. We will just be waiting for you here. When you’re done chatting, we can talk again.”

On the other end of the phone, Ke Kebo’s smile faded. “Brother Dong, I think you should be able to understand what I mean. I can’t talk about Director Liang’s matter. I know the purpose of you calling me over tonight, but don’t put me in a spot. To tell you the truth, between him and our film festival, I would prioritize our film festival. I can’t possibly ruin the good reputation of our film festival that had been built up over the years, or the reputation of the filmmakers in the country, simply because of him alone.

“Furthermore, this matter was his fault to begin with,” Ke Kebo said in a low voice. “Brother Dong, I treat you as a friend. That’s why I’m telling you my real thoughts. As for Liang Chengbing, just forget it. Brother Dong, since I treat you as a friend, you shouldn’t put me in a spot either.”

Executive Dong knew then that this matter had reached a point of no return.

Ke Kebo’s attitude was not like this previously. He did not know what Han Zhuoli said to him that made Ke Kebo become so resolute on this.

“I got it,” Executive Dong said. “Then I won’t make things difficult for you anymore.”

Anyway, he was just a middleman.

He had already done what he needed to do for Liang Chengbing.

After ending the call, Executive Dong sighed and said to Liang Chengbing, “Director Liang, Brother Ke has something on and can’t come over anymore.”

“But…” Liang Chengbing got anxious. “Didn’t we already agree on this? Why did Mr. Ke suddenly change his attitude?”

Liang Chengbing naturally guessed that Han Zhuoli might have said something to Ke Kebo.

However, Ke Kebo was the only person who could help him now.

“This isn’t something I can control either.” Since he had fulfilled his duties, Executive Dong did not want to discuss the matter further. “Let’s call it a day. I’ll head back first.”

Liang Chengbing said anxiously, “Executive Dong, you can’t just leave like that.”

Liang Chengbing hurriedly grabbed Executive Dong’s elbow and said, “About my matter—”

Executive Dong politely retrieved his elbow from his grip and said, “You asked for my help and I have indeed helped you. I helped you to ask Brother Ke out and my job is done. However, some changes happened along the way and that’s something beyond my control.”

Executive Dong walked to the door and said, “Director Liang, that’s all for now.”

After saying that, Executive Dong left in a hurry, as if afraid that Liang Chengbing would continue pestering him.

Liang Chengbing could not make Executive Dong stay, but he did not leave either.

He just waited there for Ke Kebo to come out.

After a long time, when Ke Kebo had eaten his fill, he came out together with Han Zhuoli.

Liang Chengbing immediately went up to greet him. “Mr. Ke.”

Ke Kebo pretended to be surprised as he stared at Liang Chengbing and said, “Director Liang, why haven’t you gone back?”

Liang Chengbing glanced at Han Zhuoli before saying to Ke Kebo, “Mr. Ke, I was waiting for you all this while. I wonder if you have time to spare now?”



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