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Chen Zefeng immediately changed direction and the car charged right through the roadside into the bushes before crashing into a tree, forcing the car to a stop.

Xia Yixin was knocked forward and backward and shaken in all directions inside the car. Her head had also slammed against the glass car window.

Her head was knocked quite a few times because of this.

Xia Yixin got knocked about until her head was pounding with pain and becoming muddled.

Suddenly, the back of the car banged against a tree. Even if Xia Yixin had her seatbelt fastened, she was still knocked until she fell forward and knocked her head hard against the storage compartment in front.

Xiao Chen and Xiao Guo both stopped the car. Before getting off the car, Xiao Guo said, “Madam, don’t get off for now!”

Lu Man nodded and finally sat up.

Xiao Guo and Xiao Chen got off the car quickly and rushed towards Chen Zefeng’s car. They yanked the car doors open and dragged Xia Yixin and Chen Zefeng out.

Han Zhuoli did not bother about those two at once. He first went over to Lu Man’s side.

He opened the car door and saw that Lu Man’s hair was a little messy. It was obvious that she struggled during the car chase.

“How are you? Did you get hurt anywhere?” Han Zhuoli asked anxiously.

Lu Man was more or less in shock from the ordeal earlier and was still a little fazed.

“Man Man! Man Man!” Han Zhuoli got scared by Lu Man. He immediately unbuckled her seatbelt and helped her out.

After she got some fresh air, Lu Man’s head finally cleared up a little. The first thing she saw was Han Zhuoli’s worried face.

“I’m fine.” Lu Man smiled at him and clutched his hand.

However, Han Zhuoli could still clearly feel the coldness in her palms.

Her hands were already so cold yet she still said she was fine.

“Scared?” Han Zhuoli asked.

“I’m good.” Lu Man smiled. “This is my first time experiencing such a thrilling situation, so I’m a little shocked.”

Previously, when they were collecting their marriage certificate, they were also chased, but that had not been as close or as thrilling as this was.

Furthermore, with Han Zhuoli around to protect her the whole journey, Lu Man did not feel scared at all.

However, this time, she was the only one sitting at the back. Han Zhuoli was not by her side, so she felt a little scared.

Lu Man clutched Han Zhuoli’s hand tightly. “I didn’t get hurt, not a bit. Xiao Guo was considerate of my safety.”

It was just that she still had a bit of lingering fear and did not dare to leave Han Zhuoli.

“The next time something like this happens, don’t risk it yourself,” Han Zhuoli instructed in a low voice.

On the way here, his heart was on tenterhooks, deeply afraid that she would get hurt.

Lu Man nodded her head obediently. “I didn’t expect that man to be a pro. Who would have known that Xia Yixin’s lover actually had such skills? If I had, I wouldn’t have taken the risk either.”

Han Zhuoli checked Lu Man all over again and confirmed that she was really not hurt before bringing her back to his car.

On the other side, Xiao Chen and Xiao Guo tied up Xia Yixin and Chen Zefeng, who’d had their heads knocked quite hard, and dragged them into the car.

Xia Yixin had already seen Han Zhuoli and Lu Man just now.

She never expected that the person who’d seen her this time was actually Lu Man!

Xia Yixin threw a death glare at Lu Man.

Of course, she would not be able to see Lu Man.

Lu Man was sitting in Han Zhuoli’s car at that moment. The windows of the car were tinted black, so Xia Yixin could not see through the car window at all.

However, she still glared with hatred at Lu Man.

How did she offend Lu Man? Why did Lu Man want to set her up like this?!

Lu Man could just mind her own business, so why was she such a busybody?!

No matter what she did, this concerned her own family and was between her and Han Zhuoling.

It was not as if she cheated on Han Zhuoli or something. Lu Man just had to be a busybody and ruin her life!

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