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( Sudden Sense of Foreboding)

Because Han Zhuoling only just returned during Chinese New Year, he could not move into his new home instantly even if he had bought it, so he still stayed at his parents’.

Now, Lin Liye was staying with her two sons, completely disregarding Han Dongping.

A vast villa without a family. With only Han Dongping staying by himself, it was a lonely villa.

And Han Zhuoling had his considerations for asking Lin Liye to move in with him.

The first was worrying about Lin Liye living alone, and the second was worrying if Han Dongping would go and make trouble for Lin Liye.

With himself and Han Zhuofeng here, Han Dongping stood little chance of disturbing Lin Liye.

Meanwhile, Han Zhuoli picked up a call from Xiao Chen.

“Young Master Han, Xia Yixin and Chen Zefeng have arrived at the Xia family home.” Xiao Chen was currently standing by the doorstep with Xiao Guo.

Behind them was a shut door, but indistinct sounds of a severe tongue-lashing still traveled into their ears.

“Told Big Brother yet?” Han Zhuoli asked.

“Not yet. I’ll report it to Young Master Ling after this call,” Xiao Chen replied.

Upon hanging up, Xiao Chen went to inform Han Zhuoling.

Meanwhile, inside the Xia family home, Xia Zhancheng gave Xia Yixin three tight slaps in succession. Still unable to quell the anger in his heart, he then kicked her in the back.

Xia Yixin’s mother, Cen Mengqing, hurriedly grabbed Xia Zhancheng’s arms. “I know you’re angry, but you can’t beat her to death!”

Xia Zhancheng’s chest rose and fell rapidly as he panted heavily for breath.

He was totally stunned when Xiao Guo and Xiao Chen delivered the two of them to their doorstep.

Then Xiao Chen summarized the events, full of sarcasm and irony in his words.

For a moment, Xia Zhancheng literally blanked out.

Before gradually getting his bearings back.

This ungrateful girl, having an affair even after marrying into the Han Family because that alone could not satisfy her desires!

Having an affair was bad enough, but she actually had the audacity to bear the child of her lover and pretend it was the Han Family’s!

How dare she!

“B*tch! It’s not bad enough that you ruined yourself, so you want to ruin the Xia Family too?!” Xia Zhancheng got more furious the more he thought about it, and he ignored all Cen Mengqing’s attempts to stop him, raising his leg to kick again.

“Dad, I know I did wrong, I know I did wrong!” Xia Yixin begged, crying.

Xia Zhancheng suddenly noticed Chen Zefeng, who was beside Xia Yixin. “What about the b*stard? Bring him here!”

“Zhancheng, what are you going to do?” Cen Mengqing asked anxiously. “He’s our grandson!”

Even if he wasn’t the Han Family’s kid, he was still Xia Yixin’s child.

No matter what, that made him a grandchild of the Xia Family.

But Xia Zhancheng had called him a “b*stard,” so Cen Mengqing had a sudden sense of foreboding.

“What grandchild?! He’s an insult to the Han Family!” Xia Zhancheng told Cen Mengqing, “You can’t be mindlessly kind at this time! The child is borne out of Xia Yixin’s affair, not the Han Family’s. But the Han Family had always thought he was theirs and doted on him for so long. Now that they’ve realized that they were tricked, do you think the Han Family will take it without complaints?”

Cen Mengqing’s grip on Xia Zhancheng’s arm suddenly slackened.

Xia Zhancheng berated, “Even we can’t accept this, let alone the Han Family! The Han Family is already aggrieved, and the moment they see the child, they’ll be reminded of the insult they suffered. Have you not triggered the Han Family enough that you want to bring the kid home and raise him?

“When the Han Family learns of this, do you think the Han Family will be comfortable? That we didn’t give a d*mn about the Han Family? Do you think they’ll make trouble for us then? Just for this ungrateful b*tch, you want to drag the entire family down?” Xia Zhancheng pointed angrily at Xia Yixin. “This child is a thorn in the Han Family’s side! As long as we let him stay and treat him well, we’re looking down on the Han Family!”



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