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(Preparing for Pregnancy)

“I remember your words. Drink less alcohol and drink more soup for nourishment,” Han Zhuoli said in a low voice.

Lu Man did not have much dating experience and did not know if there were many men like Han Zhuoli who would take their wife’s words so seriously, remember it by heart, and actually do put these words into action.

She felt that that could not be the case.

Otherwise, why would there be so many women out there cursing at their own boyfriends or husbands?

Men like Han Zhuoli were the rarest of the rare.

He was like a national treasure.

Lu Man loosened her grip on the cup. Luckily, Han Zhuoli was also holding on to the cup.

Han Zhuoli gulped down the remaining honey water in the cup all at once.

Lu Man then cupped Han Zhuoli’s face as her eyes curved in a bright smile.

“Why are you so happy?” Han Zhuoli laughed.

However, seeing her so happy made him happy too.

“Because of you.” Lu Man simply felt that she could not love him enough. “How is my husband so nice?”

Han Zhuoli instantly tightened his arm around her waist and flipped around and caught her in his embrace. “That’s because my wife is nice and lovable too.”

As he said that, he planted a kiss on Lu Man’s lips.

His lips imparted the sweet taste of honey and red wine, making her intoxicated by it.

Lu Man subconsciously wrapped her arms around his neck as his hands searched for sparks all over her body.

Wherever his palm touched, it left a burning hot sensation. It made her breathing hitch and her chest heave intensely.

Subconsciously, Lu Man began to imitate Han Zhuoli’s hand movements and let her hands roam around his chest and back.

When she was about to reach his crotch, Han Zhuoli suddenly stopped.

Lu Man let out a whimper and wanted to lean in more.

Han Zhuoli kissed her lips. It was as if he was intoxicated by this lass. He could not get enough of her no matter what.

“Year Two is almost over, right?” Forget it, there’s still two more months before the summer break.

Lu Man was still in a daze and her brain had already stopped working.

When she heard Han Zhuoli’s question, she merely answered reflexively, “Yeah.”

As to how long more until the school break, her mind was still in a daze so she could not figure it out either.

Han Zhuoli took a deep breath but still felt a little restless. “Then when you’re in Year Three, we can start to prepare for pregnancy.”

When Lu Man heard that, she immediately sobered up.

She actually could not wait to give Han Zhuoli a child either.

After all, Han Zhuoli was not young anymore.

Although the elders in the family did not mention it, they were also anxious about it.

Furthermore, giving birth to a cute and round little baby sounded wonderful.

“Why don’t we start preparing now?” Lu Man lowered her head as she twitched her fingers, wanting to remove the “raincoat” that was covering “little Han.”

Han Zhuoli quickly grabbed her hand and prevented her from creating trouble.

He was having a hard time holding it in right now. He did not want to meet his end the moment she unzipped him.

He would not be able to bear that shame.

“We agreed to wait until you’re in Year Three,” Han Zhuoli said. “Since we want to prepare for pregnancy, we have to take it seriously and prepare properly for it. We won’t do things without preparation.”

“Then why are you telling me now?” Lu Man poked at him and said, “You made me anxious for nothing… Actually, it’s the same even if I give birth in Year Three.”

“There’s no rush.” Han Zhuoli finally managed to restrain his urge and took a deep breath in satisfaction before he said, “We just got married. We should enjoy some time as newlyweds as well.”

When they give birth to a child, even if they hired someone to look after the child, it would still be different from now when it was just the two of them.

Han Zhuoli yearned for a child as well, not because he wanted to carry on the family line but simply because he wanted a child with Lu Man.

Thinking of his little bundle of joy with Lu Man made him feel that it would definitely be cute and have both of his and Lu Man’s unique traits.


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