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“It’s not a certainty, isn’t it?” Lu Man held Han Zhuoli’s hand. “You… Don’t take my words to heart. I just said it casually.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t jump to conclusions and wrong someone just like that.” Han Zhuoli smiled and comforted her, squishing her soft palm. “But since we have a suspicion, it’s always good to check and put our hearts at ease. If we were really mistaken, that would be the best and we can completely be assured afterward. However…”

Even Han Zhuoli was not willing to voice that possibility. The atmosphere turned cold. “My family cannot accept such disgrace. My big brother shouldn’t be subjected to such humiliation either.”

Lu Man held Han Zhuoli’s hand and said, “Okay.”

This matter, Han Zhuoli decided to deal with himself and not leave to other people.

After all, this was the private affairs of the Han Family, and Han Zhuoling was involved in it.

Even if there was only a slight possibility, he could not let Han Zhuoling lose face.

Han Zhuoli decided to put aside this matter for the time being and go to the theme park according to their original plans.

In the end, when they were halfway through their journey, Lu Man got a call from Wang Juhuai.

“Dad?” Lu Man answered.

“Man Man.” Wang Juhuai sounded exceptionally timid on the other end of the call and even sounded a little awkward.

“What’s wrong?” This was Lu Man’s first time hearing Wang Juhuai speak so timidly and immediately got curious.

“Erm… I made your mom angry. Do you have time right now? If you do, please come back and help me.” Wang Juhuai sounded so pitiful as his voice got even weaker.

If Wang Juhuai had no choice but to ask Lu Man for help, it was clear that Wang Juhuai really angered Xia Qingwei quite badly.

If the two of them were simply having a lovers’ tiff, Wang Juhuai would definitely not come and ask Lu Man for help.

Furthermore, their relationship had been exceptionally good ever since they reunited. Not to mention blushing, they had not even spoken a single harsh word to each other before.

As both of them missed out on so much time together, they never openly told each other about it, but both of them knew that they did not want to waste their time together on quarrels. Instead, they would spend their time well with each other and try their best to make up to each other all the time they had lost.

It was too difficult to make the two of them quarrel.

Now that they actually quarreled, Lu Man felt that it might really be a huge matter.

“I’ll come back right now,” Lu Man immediately said.

“What’s the point of calling Lu Man! There’s no use even if she comes back!” On the other end of the call, Xia Qingwei’s angry voice could be heard.

It looked like she was really angry this time around.

Who knew what Wang Juhuai did to make Xia Qingwei so angry?

Given Xia Qingwei’s temperament, how would she bear to get angry at Wang Juhuai?

Lu Man was about to speak when Wang Juhuai’s phone was snatched over by Xia Qingwei, who said, “Man Man, you’re not allowed to come back. This is between me and your dad. Don’t intervene.”

“Mom, what exactly happened? Why are you so angry?” Lu Man asked.

She would not believe that Wang Juhuai did something to let Xia Qingwei down.

“Nothing, I’ll hang up now.” Xia Qingwei ended the call and said angrily, “You think it would be of use to ask Man Man to come back? She won’t stand on your side either!”

Lu Man ended the call and did not call back.

It would be better to go home first and talk later.

“What happened?” Han Zhuoli asked.

He could not hear what Xia Qingwei and Wang Juhuai were saying on the phone clearly, but he could hear their quarreling.

“Dad and Mom are quarreling, but I don’t know why,” Lu Man explained. “Looks like we won’t be able to go on a date today.”



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  1. Oh good what happened now , oh what about Lin jinshu and Wang qiyuan


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