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(Anger and Frenzy)

“It’s the same on our end. They all refused to come back. Furthermore, some of them stated very clearly that even if we gave them even better offers, they would not return, because they would not dare to. Since they had an agreement with the Han Family, they would not dare to go back on their word. They clearly said that they could not afford to offend the Hans.”

Xia Zhancheng immediately thought of Xia Yixin’s matter.

She married into the Han Family, yet she did not know her place, so the whole Xia Family had to suffer the vengeance of the Hans.

The Hans would not pick on a woman. They would go straight to settling scores with the Xias, who was backing her up.

Xia Zhancheng felt a bitter taste in his mouth. Even those people understood that logic, yet his family had to be the one getting on the bad side of the Hans.

No, he should say that it was Xia Yixin who got on the bad side of the Hans.

It was something that everyone understood, yet Xia Yixin could not understand it!

“Quickly, contact all the businesses that can sign on with us. See whoever we can contact. No matter how big or small the brand is, just let them come on board first. Change the shopfront as fast as possible,” Xia Zhancheng said.

“We already contacted them, but…” one of the managers said timidly.

“But what? Stop stuttering!” Xia Zhancheng said impatiently.

“No one dared to come to an agreement. I don’t know how the Han Family did it. Within such a short time, they actually managed to contact all our possible business contacts first,” said the manager. “This happened so suddenly, so we activated our emergency plan and split into two groups immediately. One group would contact the businesses that suddenly pulled out while the other would contact all other businesses that can come in as replacements. It was a two-pronged approach to handle the situation.

“But in the end, the businesses that pulled out refused to come back. The Han Family actually managed to calculate our every step within such a short period of time. They even predicted that we would approach our emergency business partners and notified them beforehand first.” That manager paused for a moment in despondence. “To be honest, us competing against the Han Family is… That’s why as long as the Han Family says one word, those businesses will not dare to work with us. The back-up businesses that we found would surely not be as huge or as powerful as those that moved out. All the more these businesses wouldn’t dare to offend the Hans.”

“What about the supermarkets?” Xia Zhancheng asked.

“All the supermarkets we worked with had backed out. They are not coming back.” Not surprisingly for Xia Zhancheng, the answer was the same.

“What about our own family’s supermarket?”

“For our own supermarket, our Purchasing Department is already contacting other supply channels. It’s just that our supply channels have all been selected after careful comparison of the quality to the prices, and this process of selection took a long time before it was completed. If we suddenly change suppliers, we cannot be fully assured. If there is something wrong with the quality of our products, we will be in big trouble.”

Xia Zhancheng massaged his temples. What they said was right. However, he still could not contain the rage and frenzy in his heart.

He knew that no matter what, they would not be able to find a suitable solution. At this rate, their organization would not last for long before they were doomed.

Hence, he got even more furious, even more frenzied.

At that moment, Xia Zhancheng’s phone suddenly rang.

However, Xia Zhancheng was so frenzied and unsettled that he could not even tell that his own phone was ringing.

He bellowed, “We’re already in this state, who’s the one who didn’t even turn off his phone for the meeting?!”

Everyone stared at each other dumbstruck.

They all took out their phones to check. In the end, everyone put their phones on silent mode and none of them had any incoming calls.

Everyone turned to look at Xia Zhancheng.

The sound of the ringtone seemed to be coming from his side.

Xia Zhancheng also reacted and took out his phone. He saw that it was a call from Old Gu.

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