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“What’s wrong with this reporter? Why does he keep targeting Lu Man?” Han Leilei said with a frown.

“Lu Man is a hot topic right now, so this reporter wants to bait for attention too. Look at the number of views and shares this video got,” Zheng Yuan said.

“She won’t be able to get nominated,” Liang Chengbing said very confidently.

The reporter was clearly stunned for a moment and immediately laughed as he said, “Oh right, I almost forgot. You were one of the judges for the film festival previously. Does this mean you have information on the nomination for Best Actress and Best Supporting Female Lead when you were still a judge last time?”

“When they were selecting the nominees for the Best Actor and Best Actress, as well as Best Supporting Male and Female Lead awards, I was still one of the judges. I can’t say much since it won’t be good to leak information on the nomination rounds before the organizers have announced it. The suspense will be lost then,” Liang Chengbing said and laughed.

“I understand what you mean. Has Lu Man been regretfully disqualified?” The reporter had sharply picked up the hidden meaning in Liang Chengbing’s words.

“I cannot comment further on this.” Liang Chengbing seemingly hesitated before he said, “I can only say, at least for now, I think that Lu Man is not suitable to be nominated for Best Actress or Best Supporting Female Lead. For the Best Actress award, the film Red Tiger that she acted in emphasizes teamwork. Everyone is a lead character in the film. As the female lead, she actually does not stand out. Compared to the other female leads in other films, her presence in the film is lacking.

“As for the Best Supporting Female Lead, her performance in Greedy Wolf Operation was still very amateurish. She was still a newcomer with no acting experience back then. Compared to the other actresses who had worked hard for many years, she still lacks quite a bit. I feel that she is still young and still has many chances ahead for her. She has only just stepped into the entertainment industry and just started her acting career. It would be unfair to other, more experienced seniors if we’re to give her this nomination when she cannot even be considered a proper actress yet. There are too many senior actresses with outstanding acting skills in the entertainment industry who need this chance even more and are even more outstanding than she is. I hope the judges for the film festival will focus on acting skills alone rather than basing it off a certain actress’s popularity and influence.”

The reporter nodded and asked, “Speaking of your previous experience as a judge, it seems like Director Liang was a judge for only a day. Why didn’t you continue being a judge?”

Liang Chengbing did not seem to reveal a hint of awkwardness on his face as he smiled and said, “It’s because this clashes with my upcoming schedule. This was something I did not expect myself. I took on the role of a judge because I had no other plans at the moment. However, changes happened faster than my plans could catch up with, so I could only choose between the two. After some consideration, I decided that it would not be too suitable for me to continue being a judge since my works are considered in the awards for the film festival. It’s better to avoid misunderstandings, so I decided to give up my position as a judge in the film festival.”

After watching the interview, Lu Man laughed dryly.

“If he really felt that it was unsuitable, he should not have agreed from the start. Were his works not already participating in the film festival when he accepted the invitation to be a judge?” Lu Man said coldly. “He is clearly targeting and making digs at Director Sun and Director Ji.”

Both of their works were participating in the film festival, but they similarly took on the role of a judge.

What Liang Chengbing had said made it seem as if the two people did not know how to avoid misunderstandings.

Zheng Yuan and the girls had not reacted to this initially and even felt that Liang Chengbing’s words made some sense.

They even thought it was strange. Since when was Liang Chengbing so righteous?



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