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(Discovered His Plans Early; He Did Not Succeed)

Currently, Wang Juhuai’s face perfectly showed a “stunned_face.jpg” image.

Even Xia Qingwei, who was still angry with Wang Juhuai, barely stopped herself from bursting into laughter at his comical reaction.

Who had ever gotten dissed so bad by his son-in-law?!

Wang Juhuai glared at Han Zhuoli, but Han Zhuoli was unafraid.

Wang Juhuai was still in trouble with Xia Qingwei and had not been forgiven.

He was in deep trouble himself—how could he spare the energy to glare at him?

Han Zhuoli showed that he did not care one bit and stared straight ahead, completely ignoring Wang Juhuai.

Wang Juhuai: “…”

Han Zhuoli used to be such a good junior. How did he become so infuriating after he became his son-in-law?

Lu Man watched the interaction between Han Zhuoli and Wang Juhuai speechlessly.

Seemed like she need not worry about Wang Juhuai anymore. He was still in the mood to banter with Han Zhuoli!

Lu Man ignored them both and asked Xia Qingwei, “Mom, what happened, exactly?”

When she heard this, Xia Qingwei’s barely reduced anger flared up again.

Wang Juhuai hurriedly said, “Qingwei, don’t be angry. Or you can hit me if it helps you release your anger, but please don’t hurt yourself.”

“Why didn’t you think about that when you ran off on your own to get a vasectomy!” Xia Qingwei said, suddenly releasing a bomb.

Both Lu Man and Han Zhuoli jumped.

Lu Man shrieked, “Dad, you went to get a vasectomy?”

“Luckily, I discovered it early and he didn’t succeed,” Xia Qingwei said.

Saying it now still made her scared.

If she hadn’t uncovered it in time and Wang Juhuai managed to get it done, it’d have been too late then!

Wang Juhuai had never had his own children, and now, he was going to get a vasectomy for her. How could she stand that?!

“Dad, why’d you want a vasectomy?!” Lu Man glared with large eyes. “No wonder Mom’s angry, what are you even doing? Even I am angry!”

Wang Juhuai did not know how to explain to Lu Man.

He always felt that if he had a child with Xia Qingwei, he would be doing Lu Man wrong.

“I want a child,” Xia Qingwei said automatically. “Your dad had always been alone until now, when he’s got me and you, a complete family. But ultimately…”

Xia Qingwei sighed. “He doesn’t have his own child. I want to bear him his child.”

Wang Juhuai did not dare to look at Lu Man.

“That’s great,” Lu Man said.

Wang Juhuai then realized that he was not surprised by Lu Man’s reaction. It was totally within expectations.

He then also knew at that moment that he had been worried about Lu Man’s acceptance all this while.

But in reality, he, in the deepest parts of his heart, had always believed Lu Man would agree to this.

He also believed in Lu Man.

“You see! I said that Man Man will definitely support me!” Xia Qingwei glared at Wang Juhuai.

Wang Juhuai smiled helplessly, explaining to Lu Man, “But I’m worried about your mom’s constitution, which isn’t that great. It’s always risky for older moms from pregnancy to birth. Your mom’s body wasn’t in good condition before, and now that she’s finally healthy again, I still can’t help but worry. Pregnancy is energy-consuming, and even if she is in good health, giving birth will definitely take a toll on her health, not to mention that her constitution has always been weak.

“The dangers of pregnancy aside, even if she successfully carried to term, what about during labor? And after delivering safely? What if her body can’t take it and falls ill again?” Wang Juhuai looked at Xia Qingwei. “I came back and reunited with you just to spend more time with you, not for you to risk your life to bear me a child and reduce our time spent together.”



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