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(Clan Order)

Xia Zhancheng gritted his teeth secretly.

In the past, when he came to the door, he always came bearing the status of an in-law. Whether or not the Hans was truly satisfied with their family, they would at least treat them politely.

But now, because of Xia Yixin, he had to lower his pride like this and they still would not let him in!

“Please tell the two elders and Mr. Han and Mrs. Han this. As soon as Xia Yixin was sent back home yesterday night, I already kicked her out of the house. I know that no matter what I do, it would not reduce the negative impact it brought on the Han Family. However, kicking Xia Yixin shows my stand on this matter. As for that child, our family doesn’t want him either. We have already given him to his father.”

Xia Zhancheng said, “It’s our family that failed to teach Xia Yixin and let her do such a shameful thing. It’s impossible that I will allow her to lead a good life after she did such a thing. So I chased her out of the house. In the future, her life will have nothing to do with me.”

“I admire you,” Old Butler Wang said ambiguously.

Did Xia Zhancheng think that the Hans were all fools and would really believe his words?

He pretended to kick Xia Yixin out of the house on the surface but secretly support her financially. He thought that once the Han Family’s anger had dissipated, he could bring Xia Yixin back again.

Did Xia Zhancheng really think that other people could not think of what he had thought of?

“I will convey your words without missing a single word. Rest assured,” Old Butler Wang said. “Goodbye.”

This time, he did not give Xia Zhancheng a chance to stop him. Old Butler Wang swiftly turned off the voice call.

However, the video showing the view outside was still on.

Xia Zhancheng was seen with a face full of reluctance, stiff and sunken. In the end, he still brought Cen Mengqing away with him.

Old Butler Wang turned off the video only then and returned to the living room.

Everyone heard what Xia Zhancheng had said just now and did not need him to repeat it.

Old Mrs. Han turned to look at Old Mr. Han and said, “What are you planning to do about this? I’m telling you first, I’m not letting my grandson suffer such a huge humiliation!”

“I’m fine,” Han Zhuoling said to Old Mrs. Han. “Grandma, I don’t care about this. I’m not hurt either. You don’t have to feel upset.”

“These are two separate issues. You are not upset, but it doesn’t mean that you can be so easily humiliated by that Xia Yixin!” Old Mrs. Han was seriously furious.

“I don’t care. No matter what good words the Xia Family says, we won’t spare them!” Old Mrs. Han glared at Old Mr. Han and said, “We can’t just let the matter rest like this. You must stand up for my grandson! If not, they will think that the people in our family are pushovers and can be easily humiliated!”

“Of course I won’t spare them, but why are you glaring at me?” Old Mr. Han felt that it was strange that Old Mrs. Han was glaring at him.

He was not the one who bullied his grandson, and he did not say that he was not going to seek justice for his grandson either.

How wronged he felt to be glared at like this!

Old Mrs. Han huffed and asked, “Then tell me, what are you going to do?”

Old Mr. Han’s face sank, but it was not directed at Old Mrs. Han. It was because of the decision that he was about to make.

“Zhuoli,” Old Mr. Han called in a solemn voice.

“Grandpa,” Han Zhuoli answered.

“Lay down a Clan Order,” Old Mr. Han said.

The moment he said this, everyone was stunned.

Even Old Mrs. Han was stunned for a good while before she smiled immediately.

This was the right thing to do!

Old Mr. Han looked at Lu Man and said, “Man Man, Zhuoli is the next head of the household. You married him, so you will be the Madam of the household in the future. There are two kinds of orders in the Han Family. It’s good to use this chance to let you understand as well.”

This was supposed to be left to Han Xijin to do.

However, Han Xijin was about to pass his title as head of the household to Han Zhuoli, so Old Mr. Han wanted to use this time to train Han Zhuoli and expose him to such matters beforehand.

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