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(Kicked Out of the Family)

Xia Zhancheng glared at Xia Yixin. “Do you understand?”

Chen Zefeng was such a heartless man who didn’t even want to acknowledge his own child, so how could Xia Yixin still care for him?

She replied immediately, “I understand, I’ll never see him again!”

Xia Zhancheng then said to Chen Zefeng again, “Don’t think you can use this to blackmail the Xia Family. If you think you can blackmail us in the future, you can try. I don’t know how well-connected you are over in Europe, but over here, I can let you come alive and leave dead.”

“There’s no need to warn me.” Chen Zefeng smiled as he put away the check. “I have this amount of honor at least. And I’m no fool. This is a foreign place to me. I won’t make trouble for myself here when it’ll be disadvantageous to me. Rest assured, I’ll bring this child back to Europe and never interrupt your life again. Just pretend that I never existed.”

Chen Zefeng was straightforward. He took Chen Linkai and went away.

Xia Yixin never thought that her life would change so drastically within a day.

Lover gone, divorced, childless.

“Dad!” Xia Yixin thought of the main reason for all this trouble. “It’s all because of Lu Man! If she wasn’t such a busybody and bumped into me and Chen Zefeng, the Han Family wouldn’t even know! It’s because she told on me, that’s why it turned out this way! She just didn’t want to see me live a good life!”

Xia Yixin cried leaning against Cen Mengqing. “I just don’t understand, why couldn’t she just leave me be? I treated her politely and never did anything wrong to her. Why couldn’t she just pretend to not see even if she did? It’s a lose-lose situation! Harming me like this does no good for her either!”

Cen Mengqing patted Xia Yixin’s shoulder comfortingly and said hatefully, “That’s right, what does she want, exactly? Everyone is just leading their own lives. She should just live hers and that would do. Why does she have to interfere in others’ lives?!”

Xia Zhancheng glared at Cen Mengqing. “You try taking her side one more time!”

Cen Mengqing pursed her lips but otherwise stayed silent.

“If it wasn’t for you doing something wrong first and then letting others catch your mistake, how could all this have happened? Lu Man’s nosiness was wrong, but if you were careful enough and did not let others discover your secret, wouldn’t all be fine? It wasn’t as if you and that Chen Zefeng were inseparable or anything, so why did you have to meet him on B City’s territory? Isn’t that asking to get caught?”

Too lazy to continue speaking of this, he turned to Cen Mengqing. “We’ll go to the Han Family to apologize personally tomorrow. Though divorce is for certain, we can’t let the Han Family hate us and vent their anger on us. We can’t protect Xia Yixin’s marriage, but we must protect the Xia Family.”

“Alright.” Cen Mengqing nodded. “But Yixin and Han Zhuoling’s marriage… Is it really over just like this?”

“What else can we do? She made a cuckold out of him and even bore someone else’s child and tried to make the Han Family accept him. Who can bear that?” Xia Zhancheng looked at Xia Yixin. “You, leave tonight and don’t come back anymore.”

Xia Yixin trembled in fright. “Dad, what are you saying? What do you mean by this?”

“Zhancheng, are you kicking our daughter out from the family?” Cen Mengqing panicked. “You can’t, not like this! If you kick her out, how will she survive?”

“If we’re to apologize to them tomorrow, we have to show them our sincerity. She brought such a big insult to the Han Family—do you think a simple personal apology would be enough? We have to do something right!”

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