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On his child’s face, he would be able to see a shadow of himself as well as of Lu Man.

Thinking about it seemed really romantic.

Hence, he felt a little conflicted deep down as well.

He would just wait until Lu Man was in Year Three before thinking about this seriously.

Afterward, Lu Man could no longer speak. Her body was trembling, and so was her voice. She could not even utter a word coherently, much less a full sentence.

Even until the rain stopped, Han Zhuoli was still hugging Lu Man and would not let go.

He did not withdraw either and just continued being entwined with her.

Lu Man felt warm in his arms while she was wrapped around him in a different sense, making him feel warm as well.

Whenever Lu Man moved, she could feel his passion.

That was a very strange feeling. It was not uncomfortable; instead, it actually made her sensual.

Lu Man did not dare to move and drew circles around his chest with her finger as she blushed. “Why don’t we start preparing for pregnancy once my summer break comes? I did a lot of research on this. There are many things to take note of when preparing for pregnancy as well.”

“During your summer break?” Han Zhuoli asked as he looked at Lu Man.

“Yeah. I calculated. My summer break is around one a half months long. This is not the period to get pregnant, but it’s for us to first prepare our bodies to our best condition and wait for the baby to come. If we are lucky, we might be able to give birth to the baby in spring. It’s when the weather is the most comfortable, not too cold or hot. Furthermore, I can stay at home during the summer break as well.”

Universities don’t restrict students from getting pregnant now. It was allowed as long as they were of legal age.

Circumstances at present were not as restrictive as before.

Because of Han Zhuoli, Principal Liu definitely would not make things difficult for Lu Man on this matter.

Furthermore, society is much more open now. Students would also not be judgmental on this matter.

Han Zhuoli thought that it was not a bad idea either. The timing would be just right for Lu Man to recover and graduate. After that, she would be able to act in shows without delaying her career either.

However, it was not up to them when she would be able to conceive.

“I’ll listen to you,” Han Zhuoli said as he played with her soft and slender finger.

However, thinking of how they would have an annoying little bundle in the near future after they start preparing for pregnancy during the summer break…

It made Han Zhuoli feel a little troubled.

He wanted to have a child with Lu Man, but he did not want to have a troublesome kid who would disturb his time with Lu Man either.

Han Zhuoli thought about it and felt that they could just leave the child to Old Mrs. Han’s care.

Anyway, Old Mrs. Han would love it. With the nanny around, all Old Mrs. Han needed to do would just be to play with the baby.


The next day, Sun Yiwu received a call from Ke Kebo.

“Director Sun, after some discussion, we have decided that Liang Chengbing indeed does not have the right to continue being a judge in the film festival. Hence, we have agreed to remove Liang Chengbing’s name from the list of judges. We have already urgently contacted Director Chen Zilong. He will replace Liang Chengbing as the judge,” Ke Kebo said.

“Alright. When would Director Chen assume his post?” Sun Yiwu asked.

“He can be the judge from today onwards. Can the panel of judges resume their work as of today?” Ke Kebo asked.

“Of course,” Sun Yiwu said. “I will contact the others right now and resume work this afternoon.”

“Alright, then, I will let Director Chen know,” Ke Kebo said.

After ending the call, Sun Yiwu immediately called Ji Cheng and Yan Zhiqing. They each contacted Gao Zishan and the other two judges.

At the same time, the official publicity channels of the film festival also announced that due to regrettable reasons, they had already removed Liang Chengbing’s status as a judge and would replace him with Chen Zilong.

Liang Chengbing had yet to see this notice. He was preparing to go to the judges’ office for the film festival and work as per normal.


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