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(Han Zhuoli Personally Asks)

He had personally contacted Gao Zishan, Dong Qinrong, and Cao Jingcheng.

The three of them were considered to have the least interests involved amongst the panel of judges.

To be honest, in the country’s entertainment industry, the scope was limited to a certain extent. No matter who you looked for to be the judge, there would surely be some inevitable sliver of connection between the judges, works, and actors.

The top directors and actors that had power in the country all happened to have good productions in their hands.

This was an unavoidable conflict of interest. The organizers could only try their best to find people with the least conflict of interests involved to be the judges.

It just so happened that Gao Zishan and the other two judges did not have any productions that aired this year.

However, the three of them definitely had their own close circle of friends within the industry. Could there not be any bit of bias involved when they were judging the productions?

This was hard to say.

Furthermore, the famous directors among them had productions that were selected for the film festival.

Those directors that did not have films selected for the film festival would not have enough status or reputation to be on the panel of judges.

What could they do?

Luckily, Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng were considered to be more professional and knew that they should avoid gossip.

He just did not expect Liang Chengbing to cause trouble.

Gao Zishan and the other two judges were on the fence and did not want to offend either party, so they just objectively described what had happened back then for Ke Kebo to judge on his own.

Based on the trio’s descriptions, Ke Kebo could tell that Liang Chengbing was indeed the problem.

When most of the judges had voted “yes” and there was no evidence of flouting rules of fair competition, it was indeed too much of him to activate a crucial veto vote simply because he personally did not like the result.

However, Ke Kebo did not immediately come to a decision. It was because he had his reservations and needed to consider the big picture.

If he wanted to remove Liang Chengbing, it would be fine if it was done secretly. However, if someone knew about it and decided to pursue the reason for Liang Chengbing’s removal, this would surely put this year’s film festival in a bad light and greatly affect the prestige and reputation of the film festival.

This was a time when the Fei Yue International Film Festival needed international recognition. The scale of the Fei Yue International Film Festival was not fully built up yet, and it did not have enough international influence. Compared to those established film festivals, there was still a huge gap.

They really wanted to carve their home brand on the international stage. Hence, they had to make sure that no such scandals like these came out.

This was also the reason that Ke Kebo had yet to make up his mind and agreed with Executive Dong to meet Liang Chengbing.

Now that Han Zhuoli had specifically requested to meet him, Ke Kebo had a gut feeling that it had something to do with the film festival’s judges.

Although he had that thought, he still felt that it was a little ridiculous and did not dare to believe what he had guessed.

After all, he could not fathom how Han Zhuoli was related to any of the judges involved in the film festival.

Was it because of Yan Zhiqing?

The Yan Family and the Han Family were on good terms.

Ke Kebo could not think of a plausible reason on his own, but since Han Zhuoli personally asked, Ke Kebo could not reject him.

“If Young Master Han asked, I will surely agree,” Ke Kebo said with a smile.

“Mr. Ke…” Liang Chengbing anxiously interjected.

Executive Dong also spoke. “Brother Ke…”

Liang Chengbing had pleaded with him, and he was also the one who’d asked Ke Kebo out.

Now that Ke Kebo was about to ditch them and talk with Han Zhuoli, it would look bad on Executive Dong as well.

Ke Kebo said, “You guys should wait here first. I will go and talk to Young Master Han. You both can order the dishes first.”

He’d already said as much. No matter how unhappy Liang Chengbing and Executive Dong were, what else could they say?

Ke Kebo laughed as if he did not sense their unwillingness and said to Han Zhuoli, “Young Master Han, please.”


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