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“Wait, let me send it to you,” Pan Xue said.

When she received the message from Pan Xue, Lu Man immediately opened it.

It was a video of Liang Chengbing accepting an interview.

In the video, the reporter asked very common questions regarding the film festival and the awards ceremony.

Such as: “Director Liang, are you confident about getting nominated for Best Director this time?”

“This is hard to say, but I am still very confident about my directing skills. After all, I have been a director for decades. If I can’t even shoot a proper film, aren’t I ruining my own reputation?” Liang Chengbing said confidently.

“Does that mean you are very confident about getting nominated?” the reporter asked with a laugh.

Liang Chengbing was indeed confident, but he did not admit it. “It’s hard to say, hard to say. Hahahaha!”

However, all the netizens could tell what he meant.

“This Liang Chengbing is really too confident.”

“Seeing the participating films this time around, I think Liang Chengbing’s chances of getting nominated are quite big. After all, he is one of the more reputable directors around. No matter how good or bad his film is, they will still have to give him face.”

Afterward, the reporter asked, “From what I know, the film festival also set up a new award for the Best Newcomer. This is a chance for the newcomers, and the ones who are likely to have a chance include Lu Man, Qiao Luna, Ni Xue, Chang Yachen, Fu Kaiqi, and other actresses that have been very popular and performed outstandingly in recent years.”

Take Qiao Luna, for example. She had acted in television dramas all along. Her first time acting on a film was actually in Zhang Lun’s film.

Although the box office sales were not very desirable in the end, Qiao Luna’s performance in it was worthy of praise as well.

Although she had long been famous, she was still considered a newcomer on the silver screens and fulfilled the criteria to be nominated for the Best Newcomer Award.

This was even more so for Chang Yachen and Fu Kaiqi.

Both of them had loyal fan followings of both teenage girls and aunties alike.

Their acting skills were considered commendable among the newcomers. Although their popularity was considerable, they were still considered newcomers in the film industry.

Although they did not play the lead roles in their films, their performance in these films was also surprising.

Strictly speaking, the Best Newcomer Award set up by the Fei Yue International Film Festival this time was specially created for the newcomers in the film industry.

Even if it had already been many years since you had debuted and you had long established yourself in the film industry, if you had never acted in a film, you could still be considered a newcomer if you act in your first film now.

Lu Man was more special. She acted in two films consecutively the moment she made her debut.

By right, both films could not be considered in the newcomer award category.

However, she was a true blue newcomer, and these films were produced one after another.

After all, Lu Man’s circumstances could be said to be unprecedented.

Ever since Lu Man debuted, the topics about her have never ended. News about her were all over the place. If Lu Man was not considered, it would seem improper.

Hence, after some discussion, the organizers still decided to add Lu Man into the newcomer category.

Since it was a newcomer award, the competition would not require actors to play a lead role. As long as they acted and displayed their acting skills, it would be good enough.

Of course, those who played small parts would not be considered.

Lu Man watched up until this point, and she could already guess what the reporter was about to ask next.

Indeed, the reporter asked, “Director Liang, in your opinion, who do you think will be the most likely person to get the Best Newcomer Award among these few newcomers who are the most popular currently?”

Liang Chengbing laughed and said, “These few people performed very well and are all likely to get it. But if I were to choose, I think Fu Kaiqi is not bad. Chang Yachen and Ni Xue stand a chance too. Qiao Luna may be an experienced actress, but this is her first time on the silver screen. The presentation style of a film is different from that of a television drama, so there will be different expectations towards the acting skills required as well.”



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