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Han Zhuoling nodded. Before he could say anything, the doorbell rang.

Han Zhuofeng glanced at Han Zhuoling and immediately went to open the door.

Lin Liye rushed to follow them.

Han Dongping’s face was aghast as he gritted his teeth and followed after them.

The door opened, and Han Zhuofeng saw Xiao Guo and Xiao Chen dragging in Xia Yixin and Chen Zefeng, respectively.

Both of them pushed Xia Yixin and Chen Zefeng to the ground. Xiao Chen said to Han Zhuoling, “Young Master Ling, these two were caught on the spot by Young Master Han. We’ve sent them to you now.”

They then turned to Chen Zefeng. Wasn’t he the same man in the pictures?

One could forcibly say that the woman in the pictures might not be Xia Yixin or could just be someone who looked like her, but how do you explain Chen Zefeng?

With Chen Zefeng around, there was no way Xia Yixin could get herself out of it.

Lin Liye was so angry that she lifted her hand and slapped Xia Yixin. “So this is how the Xia Family taught you!”

Seeing that Han Zhuoli was not around, she did not know if he decided not to interfere once he’d handed them over.

“I was wronged!” Xia Yixin’s hands and feet were still tied as she lay on the floor and cried. “It’s Han Zhuoli who accused me! I went out to shop today and was fine when I was suddenly captured. I don’t even know what was going on. Then came the two of them!”

Xia Yixin glared hatefully at Xiao Guo and Xiao Chen. “They were discussing how to accuse me of having an affair.”

“Stop twisting your words!” Han Zhuofeng pointed at Xia Yixin. “The pictures have already been taken. Are you still going to say that the pictures were deliberately photoshopped to incriminate you? What are you? Are you worth my Second Brother spending so much effort just to wrong you? What good is there for him to wrong you?!”

“How would I know what he’s thinking? He probably doesn’t want our family to do well!” Xia Yixin said.

Han Zhuoling suddenly walked over.

Seeing how cold Han Zhuoling looked, Xia Yixin shuddered in fear.

Han Zhuoling squatted down and rested his arms leisurely on his kneecaps. “Tell me, what does he need to want us to be in a bad state? He is the heir to the Han Family, the future head of the household. Everything in the Han Family belongs to him. He does not need to play any tricks. After Zhuoli becomes the head of the family, as long as it’s his orders, everyone in the Han Family has to listen to him. As the head of the Han Family, he doesn’t want us to do well, you say?”

Han Zhuoling smiled lightly. He threw a glance before saying to Xia Yixin sarcastically, “A person would only go out of their way to accuse other people when he’s not as good as they are.”

Han Dongping froze when he heard that and felt uncomfortable all over.

He had a feeling that Han Zhuoling was mocking him. If not, why would Han Zhuoling glance at him?

“When a person is already standing at the top and looking down at ants, tell me, will he put in the effort to go and harm those ants at the bottom of his feet?” Han Zhuoling sputtered out in laughter and stood up. “How long have you been with him?”

“I’m not, I’m really not!” Xia Yixin was already caught red-handed, but she still insisted on denying it.

She could not admit it. If she admitted it, she would be finished.

Even if she had to deny everything and play dirty, she could not admit to it.

Wasn’t it just a few pictures?

It’s not as if they were caught in bed!

“You’re shameless!” Lin Liye was so furious, even the finger that she was pointing at Xia Yixin was shaking.

At that moment, Han Zhuoli finally arrived.

That was why the scene when he’d just opened the door happened.

He saw Xia Yixin and Chen Zefeng lying on the floor and everyone else standing before them.

“Uncle, Auntie,” Han Zhuoli called. He then turned to Han Zhuoling and greeted him, “Big Brother.”

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